This Is The Result Of Bush’s Cozy Relationship With Big Oil

by Ben Hoffman

This bird was among several mired in oil on the beach at East Grand Terre Island on Louisiana’s coast on Thursday.

The Bush administration crippled the Minerals Management Service and allowed big oil to write the rules. As a result, we are seeing widespread suffering for wildlife such as this bird, not to mention all the sea animals. Thousands of fishermen had their livelihoods decimated by the oil disaster.

Who are the Republicans in Congress looking out for? Yep, big oil. Attempts by Democrats to raise the liability from a mere $75 million have been stymied by the Republicans and to be fair, a few DINOs.


21 Comments to “This Is The Result Of Bush’s Cozy Relationship With Big Oil”

  1. Mr. Hoffman,

    ” The Bush administration crippled the Minerals Management Service and allowed big oil to write the rules. ”

    How about some ( facts ) to go with your balony. The MMS under the Obama administration approved the BP DeepWater Horizon Drilling Plan on April6, 2010.

    This was a major project approved well over a year after Bush left office. Go ahead and tell me it was deregulation that caused it . There was plenty of regulation. The regulators were not up to the job.

    According to

    The Obama Administration exempted BP from environmental review by using a loop hole in regulations meant for hiking trails and outhouses.

    I’m sure that if Bush were still President, you would be more motivated to find this stuff.

  2. Nice find Alan, and unfortunately accurate. I wonder, though, if the regulations Bush/Cheney/Haliburton repealed had been in effect, would there have been a different outcome.
    And the right’s reaction to raising the liability cap gives one pause, doesn’t it?

    But more to the point, to borrow from the religious right, it is the love of money that is to blame here – both as it applies to our politicians of both stripes and corporations like BP. And let’s not leave out the american voting public who demand artificially low oil prices and refuse to bite the bullet in transitioning to cleaner renewable energy sources. God forbid we pay even one penny more to relieve ourselves from the obligation of foriegn oil, pollution and even a possibility that climate change is man made.
    But there is simply no denying that the right is more corporate (big energy especially) friendly than the left. Even though Obama tops the list of BPs biggest recipients of campaign donations, the overwhelming majority of dollars were spread amoung repubs and a few dinos with state self-interest in the industry (see mary landreiu{sp?}).

  3. Mr. Hoffman,

    Just to show how stupid Obama is, he is banning more offshore drilling. Even safe offshore drilling. It’s been estimated that in a horrible Obama economy, this decision will put thousands more oil workers out of work.

    Maybe we could just make sure the rigs are safe.

    The idiots running our country can’t stop the oil leak, so they want to punish all oil operators. Hey morons, why not permanently ground all planes after the next plane crash? Why not ban all cars because every day cars crash and people die?

    If the environmental weenies had not pushed us into deep water divers would have stopped this leak within weeks.

    How come you never post anything positive ? You guys have run Congress for 3 and a half years. For 1 and a half years you’ve had bullet proof majorities plus the White House.

    Why don’t you brag about the wonderful economy? How about how well things are going over seas? What about the Obama administration’s environmental record ? 4 million Green Jobs ? Out of Iraq ? Closing of Gitmo ? Ocean levels going down ?

    Come on. America needs good news .

  4. Conservative lie,

    Thank you for your kind words, however you don’t understand the big picture. I was happy to use a left wing source. Don’t want Hoffman to illigitimize my source.

    It is not about greed. It is about cheap energy fueling economic growth. I would support “green energy” if it were not a total scam. I will keep saying it “green energy” helped bankrupt Spain. You guys have no understanding of economics.

    The proof is the Obama economy. Jimmey Carter tried the green path and guess what, he failed. As always just show me somewhere, sometime that green actually worked. To misquote the Ghost Busters,, I am ready to believe you.

  5. Well, the recession Carter was gifted with was on its way down when he left office. Double digit inflation, which spiked during his presidency, was well on its way out. In fact, after a year in office, reagan had the worst economic record since the depression and he was forced to repeal a signifigant portion of his previous year’s tax cuts. Further, Carter had made several signifigant deregulatory moves… So, I’m not always convinced when someone talks to me about Carter.
    Brazil is now almost entirely independent of foriegn oil thanks to corn and sugar, which is cleaner and saves them billions.
    And if the transocean employees are to be believed, BP took several less cautious, less expensive routes during the drilling process over the objections of transocean. I’d call that greed. However, the veracity of those claims remains to be seen.
    How can anyone think that it is worth the risk, even a small one, after this? But due to the off shore drilling leases, Jindal & Co. are insisting we get back to business as usual. Sounds like an ill founded risk to me. Kind of like a gamble… And unfortunately we see that it is not just his state’s coastline he is gambling.
    Any cheap energy that is 1) finite 2) risky 3) the cause of wars is not really cheap in the “big picture”. It is a short-term solution and one that fits in quite nicely with my take on the right’s world view.

  6. Conservative Lie,

    I don’t have a problem with your take on BP. I don’t think an entire industry should suffer because of BP and it’s partners. Your green idiots will shutdown offshore drilling and one day when Obama is through and the economy recovers, so will demand.

    We will just import more oil like we always do. Just because the Obama Administration can’t regulate drilling with out disasters, we will lose more domestic production. Green will be tried and will fail,(again). Then we will have a tanker disaster. And green will be tried and will fail,,again .

    I will concede Brazil, but that is a special case. They are the Saudi Arabia of sugar. Corn does not really figure much there . At any rate, we ain’t Brazil. Unless we reconquer Cuba, which I favor, to steal their sugar potential. Our corn ethanol is merely a gift to our corn farmers. It has no value in reducing oil consumption and actually is not good for your engine.

  7. You do know Bush hasn’t been president for more than 2 years?
    And that the Obama Administration gave Deep Water Horizon a Safety award less than 2 weeks before it exploded.
    But I guess that was his fault too… :/

    • [You do know Bush hasn’t been president for more than 2 years?]

      I didn’t know that. I thought Bush left office last year on January 15th, which would make it about a year-and-a-half. Damn, you learn something new every day. 🙂

  8. Mr. Hoffman,

    Has it been a year and a half? Where has the time gone ? I bet it feels like ten years on the unemployment line waiting for the recovery.

    You know if your hero is going to make a Reaganesque recovery in the polls, he should soon be making his move, ehh?

    I say this only half joking, but the unemployed able bodied folks collecting government benefits should be employed with shovels and buckets this summer at the Gulf shoreline. I say able bodied because I know how much it will suck. When I was 18, I shoveled mud and fish manure from drained trout ponds. Physically the hardest work I ever did.

  9. So how is the most brilliant and honest Administration in the history of America handling the Gulf Spill? Well here is a sample of how they operate .

    ” Experts Say White House ‘Misrepresented’ Views to Justify Drilling Moratorium “

  10. Mr. Hoffman,

    Are you saying that Salazar did not change the report after the seven experts signed it ? Are you saying that Salazar did not apologize to those seven experts for adding to the report ?

    If you have information that contradicts what I posted please post that yourself. If I am in error, I want to know .

  11. Bush is still president?
    And here I thought it was the Obama Administration that gave Deep Water Horizon a Safety Award just before it sank.
    Oh, they did.
    Must have been Bush’s fault… 🙂

    • [And here I thought it was the Obama Administration that gave Deep Water Horizon a Safety Award just before it sank.]

      That’s a lie. The award was given last summer and was the result of eight years of Bush corrupting the Interior department. Ken Salazar share’s some of the blame for not reforming the MMS sooner, but it was Dirk Kempthorne and Gale Norton who crippled and corrupted the MMS.

      • Mr. Hoffman,

        I believe you are correct that the award was in 09. I think the actual award ceremony was scheduled for this year and was put off by the accident. I was not able to find precise dates . I don’t know why this stuff is so difficult to nail down .

    • Obama can do no wrong in here – we should all know that by now. When he’s slow to make a decision, he’s “thinking deeply”, when he’s dodging political heat he’s “focusing on more important problems”, and when he’s golfing, taking in shows, and throwing parties, he’s apparently “kicking some ass”.

      • No, he’s doing the right thing. He’s working on getting compensation for those hurt by the oil spill: the ordinary guy who’s livelihood was destroyed by BP’s recklessness. He’s powerless to stop the spill, but he’s doing the right thing by holding BP responsible for damages.

      • exactly right Ben.

        BTW, anyone remember the similar occurance Mexico had in the gulf some years back? It took them 10 months to stop that spill!

  12. Indyfromaz,

    ” Bush is still president?
    And here I thought it was the Obama Administration that gave Deep Water Horizon a Safety Award just before it sank. ”

    See, see, this just proves you are one of those ” pathological liars “. 🙂

  13. The Conservative Lie,

    ” BTW, anyone remember the similar occurance Mexico had in the gulf some years back? It took them 10 months to stop that spill! ”

    I think this is what you are referring to. It was in 1979.

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