Ronald Reagan (St. Ronnie) Offered Job To Candidate If He Would Drop Out of Race!!!

by Ben Hoffman

Reagan adviser reportedly offered CA senator a job with the administration “if he decided not to seek re-election.” A November 25, 1981, Associated Press article (from the Nexis database) reported that President Reagan’s political adviser Ed Rollins planned to offer former California Sen. S.I. Hayakawa a job in the administration in exchange for not seeking re-election.

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It’s time we had a full investigation into the Reagan administration and their acts of corruption. How long will we be kept in the dark? Our children have been indoctrinated into believing that Reagan (St. Ronnie) was a good president, yet he was on the same level as George W. Bush as far as corruption and incompetence. It’s just that our mainstream media has covered up these stories about Republicans yet every day they “report” fabricated stories about Democrats.

32 Comments to “Ronald Reagan (St. Ronnie) Offered Job To Candidate If He Would Drop Out of Race!!!”

  1. Waaaa! “Mamma, he hit me first!” Bunch of babies whining. Go ahead, indict Reagan. See how far that goes.

  2. Mr. Hoffman,

    You Democrats ” hated ” Reagan like you ” hate ” George W. Bush. If your charge had any worth to it at all your compadres would have thrown Reagan or one of his high ranking aids in jail. So either your charge is false or your people in 1981 were bought off. So which is it ? I know they were not incompetent when it came to throwing Republicans out of office and in jail .

    I remember how things were back then. Perhaps you were not engaged politically then.

    It amazes me how far you will carry water for President Obama. Or rather how politically incompetent the Obama White House is. What they should do is get some flunky to fall on the sword for Obama. You know, like Elizabeth Birnbaum did over the Barak Petroleum oil gusher.

    You know the worst thing that ever happened to you was for Obama to win the Presidency . Imagine, if you will, McCain and Palin dealing with this . Think of the heaven you lefties would be in right now with “drill baby drill”. You guys would have Sarah Palin strung up by now . I have to look it up. I think she was Governor during BP’s oil problems in Alaska, but I don’t yet know for sure. At any rate Alaska seems to have done better with their BP spills than your Great Hero with his little leak.

  3. I’m confused by this broohaha over Sestak – there is nothing unusual about nudging a competitor out of the way of a sure win. It’s utterly normal. I honestly don’t understand all the fuss. And especially I don’t undertand Rendell or Weiner, both of whom have their panties in a knot.

  4. Ms. Holland,

    Since this is my State, let me educate you to the facts . Months ago Congressman Sestak made a charge publicly that he was offered a job by the Obama Administration to drop out of the Democratic Primary for Senator.

    If this is true, someone is guilty of a Felony. That is fact. Since winning against Arlen Spector, Sestak has been evasive when questioned. The Obamaites are doing their usual double talk. It is a Felony to offer anything of value , even a janitor’s job, to anyone to affect an election . Charles Krauthammer believes that the White House lawyers will somehow Clintonize the language to make the “conversations” (wink, wink) hypothetical speculation .

    This is the hope and change you and Mr. Hoffman voted for !

  5. I posted on this yesterday, citing Bush’s chief ethics adivsor, who said it was really no big deal, in fact was nothing new.


    From the story:
    “As the Republican Party works itself into a lather over the Obama administration’s offer of a job to Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Penn) in exchange for him not entering the Pennsylvania Senate primary, seasoned political observers, historians, and lawyers are responding with veritable yawns.

    “American presidential history is littered with quid pro quos, implicit and explicit secret job offers, and backroom deals, so much so that the Sestak offer may be more the norm than the exception to it.

    “It is completely unexceptional,” said Dr. Russell Riley, associate professor and chair of the Miller Center’s Presidential Oral History Program at the University of Virginia. “I read some place today that this is evidently illegal, which was shocking news to me. I don’t know what the statutes are that would bear on this… it just doesn’t seem to me to particularly rise to the level of being newsworthy in the first place and the fact that it’s spun out into a scandal has been surprising.”

    • Good post, Moe. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, they’re ALL politicians, and powerbrokering quid-pro-quo’s and back-room deals is what they do as part of their job. If we measured any of them against the letter of the law, I’m sure all of them have broken or at least bent one a time or two.

  6. Ms. Holland,

    You think what you like. I think Sestak is going to change his story . This will make him look like an idiot in his race with Pat Toomey . I’m telling you what the law is . With Democrats ruling with their large majorities, it is questionable whether this will go anywhere. That does not make it any less of a crime .

    I only leave you with this . If there was nothing here, your heroes would have cleared this up months ago. If there is nothing here and they did not clear it up months ago, they are the most politically stupid people in the history of the White House .

    The longer Democrats let this fester, the more potential for disaster. Somebody has to take one for the team. When my Governor fast Eddy Rendell speaks out, you know there is a problem. I can’t stand him as my Governor, but the guy is a hell of a politician .

  7. Mr. Hoffman,

    ” They’d impeach Obama for jaywalking if they could. Obama should do nothing to appease these anti-American nuts. ”

    Try being honest about your feelings just this once. Answer me this, if these actions had occurred under Bush or President McCain, would you or would you not be calling for impeachment and jail time? I double dog dare you to answer that! I think you’re Chicken. Cluck, cluck. 🙂

    Ms Holland,

    ” No you’re not Alan. What law are you saying has been broken? ”

    There are two sections which you can google.

    18 U.S.C. § 600
    18 U.S.C. § 595,

    From my understanding, the basics are this . You, well not you, but your hero Obama or any other President can reward his followers for past political deeds or even God forbid actual ability with jobs in the Administration. However, it is Verboten to offer a job for future political activity. Dropping out of a primary election is future political activity.

    But don’t worry, your hero is calling in the big guns . Bill Clinton is on the job. I have faith in your hero’s ability to cover up this ” Crime “. I have no faith in his ability to ” plug the damn hole “.

    • Alan, In Ben and Moe’s eyes there is no such thing as Obama or his administration breaking the law. You could provide link after link and you’ll get the same blather. If you notice, Ben didn’t even provide a defense what so ever … all he did is attack Reagan, who’s dead. This is typical of the left wing wackos.

      I will demonstrate:

      Federal code 18 USC 600: a federal official cannot promise employment, a job in the federal government, in return for a political act.
      Section 18 USC 211 says you cannot accept anything of value in return for hiring somebody … and then again there’s this: Section 18 USC 595, which prohibits a federal official from interfering with the nomination or election for office.
      The actual code says:

      Section 600 statute states:

      Whoever, directly or indirectly, promises any employment, position, compensation, contract, appointment, or other benefit, provided for or made possible in whole or in part by any Act of Congress, or any special consideration in obtaining any such benefit, to any person as consideration, favor, or reward for any political activity or for the support of or opposition to any candidate or any political party in connection with any general or special election to any political office, or in connection with any primary election or political convention or caucus held to select candidates for any political office, shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.

    • [Answer me this, if these actions had occurred under Bush or President McCain, would you or would you not be calling for impeachment and jail time?]

      Compared to the rest of the illegal actions by the Bush administration, this would not been laughed at if Democrats made a big deal about it. But you don’t think anyone should look into the crimes of the Bush administration. You, like most right-wingers, are just trying to find a way to bring down the Obama administration just like Republicans tried everything they could to bring down the Clinton administration.

      That kind of thinking does our country no good, but right-wingers don’t care about our country or our democracy. They just care about the Republican party.

      • And exactly what is it that you have demonstrated, brother Ben to show your regard for this country? Bush should have been hung from the highest tree. McCain is a weasel extraordinaire. However, Mr. Obama is in charge dammit! Why don’t you get past bitching and moaning about Bush and start holding Obama accountable for his actions? The problem with you and your ilk, is that you hate Bush so much, you’d welcome Joseph Stalin as president with open arms. I’m so g-damn sick of left wing freaks saying right-winger don’t care about this country. This isn’t a democracy Ben. This is a representative democratic republic. No one is desirous of bringing Obama down. Personally, I’d like to see HIM do something for the good of the country. Instead of carrying on Bush’s policies in an accelerated way. Grow up Ben and get your head on straight. You’re a smart guy, but you have tunnel vision.

      • Steve, pull your head out of your ass. We’re still paying for Bush’s actions. Those things don’t go away just because we have a new president.

      • Pull my head out of MY ass? Pull yours out. The president isn’t new, dick-breath. I’ll buy you one of those belts with your name stamped on the back, so if you ever do pull your head out of your ass, you can look up and rememeber what your name is.

  8. Steve,

    I think I may have one fact wrong. Under 18 USC 600: the Sestak incident is a misdemeanor and not a felony. I am sorry for the error. I don’t know if it fits as a felony under any other statute . Unlike some, I freely admit my mistakes .

    • Alan, I don’t know for sure either way. According to former judge Andrew Napolitano, “It wouldn’t matter if it was a job as a janitor. Offering him anything of value to get him to leave a political race is a felony …”
      When Sestak was first interviewed and he admitted that had happened, the White House flat out denied it. Now, of course that Obama and company have their story straight with the liar Bill Clinton, they’ve changed their original story.

      • [According to former judge Andrew Napolitano, “It wouldn’t matter if it was a job as a janitor. Offering him anything of value to get him to leave a political race is a felony …”]

        Here’s another opinion, from former Bush administration chief ethics attorney Richard Painter:

        “The job offer may have been a way of getting Sestak out of Specter’s way, but this also is nothing new. Many candidates for top Administration appointments are politically active in the President’s political party. Many are candidates or are considering candidacy in primaries. White House political operatives don’t like contentious fights in their own party primaries and sometimes suggest jobs in the Administration for persons who otherwise would be contenders. For the White House, this is usually a “win-win” situation, giving the Administration politically savvy appointees in the Executive Branch and fewer contentious primaries for the Legislative Branch. This may not be best for voters who have less choice as a result, and Sestak thus should be commended for saying “no”. The job offer, however, is hardly a “bribe” when it is one of two alternatives that are mutually exclusive. “

      • Time to go to bed when I start referencing the same thing two times in one thread.

        Night, night everyone.

      • ‘night, Moe! 🙂

    • Moe, I agree. Job offers are part of Washington. But why all the stuff to prosecute Bush and Reagan? Obama is in charge and let’s go from there. Good nite. Sandy is on my a$$ for some attention. gotta go!

  9. Steve,

    What ever happens now , I’m pretty sure Sestak is toast in the election against Pat Toomey. Unless Toomey self destructs . Sestak will spend too much of his political capital answering this question. No matter what he says now, he looks like either an idiot or a liar . Plus Pa. Republicans are motivated more than Democrats this year .

    If all goes well and Republicans pick up seats in both Houses, next year they can call Committee hearings and put all of the liars under oath . You just know the transparent, ethical, post partisan Democrats won’t do anything to get the truth out .

    Republican House and Senate hearings into the Sestak affair, along with hearings into President Obama’s bungling response of the British Petroleum oil spill, ought to play well going into the 2012 elections .

    You know our Liberal friends would have done far worse to Bush under these events .

    • “Pa. Republicans are motivated more than Democrats this year .”

      I think the fact that Dems threw Arlen Specter under the bus is proof that the Dems are good and motivated, and that the sold out Repubs are not in favor.

      Pennsylvanians are rejecting Republicans, and Arlen was sure one of them for a long, long, long time.
      Thank you Pennsylvanians, for seeing the light and showing Repubs the door.

  10. I’d put my money on Reagan given a better excuse from the grave than any offered from the White House today. It would sure as hell would be shorter and possible more coherent, or at least vaguely related to the questions being asked. This issues is nothing more than D.C. business as usual. Appears the current President, and associated staffers, are of the same slimy ilk as all modern politicians.

    • Reagan was famous the world over for making up false stories, and even when corrected, in public, he would repeat the same lies again and again. Reagan used to tell people that he was involved in filming the liberation of the death camps in Germany when in fact he was in Hollywood making training films for the Army. Reagan was a buffoon, had zero credibility, and was actually guilty of what Obama is being accused of.

  11. Mr. Tree Rat,

    ” This issues is nothing more than D.C. business as usual. ”

    You are wrong. The law is, in the words of our most famous President, ” let me be clear “, you cannot trade any job for future political activity .

    I realize that a regime that totally ignores laws like Bankruptcy laws and Immigration laws, believes that laws do not apply to it .

    • Oh please don’t misconstrue my response, I so very much agree. This is indicative of the poison of power that’s soaked the system. It’s wrong, most likely illegal and the administration feels they can and most likely will get away with. “Change” my ass, “Business as usual” may have been a more appropriate response.

  12. My apologies. Remember the high Rhetoric when this bunch swept into office. No more business as usual. Transparency. Bipartisanship. Instead we got Chicago Style Patronage Politics . Obama learned this game in a corrupt big city and corrupt State legislature.

    Why don’t Mr. Hoffman, Ms Holland, and the Arbourist ever comment on that ?

  13. There is a big difference between “If you decide not to seek re-election, you have a job in this administration” and “If you drop out of the primary (and let the guy we back run unopposed), we’ll give you a job.” Besides, Hayakawa was a conservative and a political friend of Reagan’s.

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