George Bush: Funniest President Ever!

by Ben Hoffman

He was a funny guy! (Too bad he destroyed our country.)

9 Comments to “George Bush: Funniest President Ever!”

  1. And Obama is punch drunk, and it’s too bad that he’s destroying the United States … oh well, with a 42% approval rating as of today … how does one say “one term president”? Unless of course he can get that amnesty thing passed and secure some votes.

    • Sorry Steve – I dont see any punch drunk here. He spoke truth and called it gallows humor. So?

      Per Galllup today, it’s 48/44 approve/disapprove. Here’s a graph measuring from Day 1.

      “Approve” has dropped from 65 (inauguration) to 48 today.

      In August of ’01 Bush was at 53%; he shot up to 90%+ on Sept 2. In ’05 he was back at 50% and then began a straight down line till four years later when he left office at 25%.

      • Whoops – posted wrong link (that was Bush).

        Here’s the Obama link from Gallup for today.

      • Well here’s a poll saying Obama is at 42% approval with a negative 20% approval index.
        I hate to remind you that you’re covering 8 years of Bush and 16 months of Obama.

        I still find is amazing that Bush has been out of office nearly a year and a half and is still the brunt of all the evils of America. In less than a year and a half Obama has accomplished more damage than Bush did in 8 years. And the hits are still coming.
        But I think Bush was/is a very big time weasel. I just think Ben should grow up and stop being such a typical liberal in that NOTHING is their fault. Always someone else’s.

        Oh, and in the video Obama was acting so weird (I swear to gawd I seriously think he was high), the guy had to ask him if he was ‘punch drunk’.

      • Oh, please Moe, don’t keep trying to insult me by pushing Bush forward. I can’t stand the guy. But everyone knows in poll after poll that Obama’s approval has dropped faster and farther than ANY modern president … at least in the last 50-60 years.

      • [In less than a year and a half Obama has accomplished more damage than Bush did in 8 years.]

        When you say that, you never mention any specifics. That’s because you’re lying. You lie to defend your party and that makes you a pathetic little sheep.

      • now that hurts Ben! Specifics: okay … in EVERY way.

    • Steve – I know you won’t agree – but Rassmussen has been an ‘outlier’ for quite a few years now. Even FOX news polls don’t track with Rassmussen (in fact, amusingly, Fox will often reference a Rassmussen poll rather than their own cuz it fits the narrative better!).

      But “Obama‚Äôs approval has dropped faster and farther than ANY modern president”?


      How about Harry Truman? 88% to 33% in the first year? He started remarkably high because of FDR’s death)

      Gerald Ford went from 60% to 40% in first year.

      Jimmy Carter? 68% to 42%.

      Ronald Reagan? 60% to 43% in first year.

      Check it out at our favorite commie pinko rag, the Wall Street Journal:

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