Vows of Celibacy, Silly Costumes, Worship of an Imaginary Being… and Abuse? Imagine That!

by Ben Hoffman

Every week it seems that there are new accounts of sexual abuse in the Catholic church. Usually these cases of abuse involve young boys. The Archdiocese has been protecting these perverts for decades, but they’re finally being called on it.

As with any religious cult, whether it’s the Heaven’s Gate and their comet Hale-Bopp, the Unification Church (and their Washington Times “news”paper, or the Catholic Church, there is always abuse. There always has been and there always will be.

A sure sign of a wacky organization is costumes. Wackos love to play dress-up. And the priest costumes don’t get much wackier. Their bishop costumes are pretty wacky, too.

These religious nuts are required to vow a life of celibacy if they want to be able to dress up in the wacky costumes and be the leader of the cult. (I wonder what their treatment is for blue balls.)

The church also has their share of bizarre beliefs, the main one being the story of a guy about 2,000 years ago who was born to a virgin mother, crucified, and then magically rose from the dead, and if you believe that story, you’ll go to a magical place when you die. (If you believe that one, I have some oceanfront property for sale here in Colorado you might be interested in.)

These religious nuts also believe that the earth is only about 6,000 years old.

Cults are extremely dangerous when they infiltrate our government, which was the case with the Bush and Reagan administrations. Cult members are inherently irrational and they make irrational decisions. Bush thought god told him to invade Iraq. Reagan used astrology to make decisions. With both administrations, the result was catastrophic failure. We’re now on the verge of collapse. China is poised to become the next economic super-power. We owe much of our debt to them. Currently we’re indispensable as a trading partner. Should that indispensability ever wane, we could be in big trouble.

We are now so far in debt, if we every get into another major war, we’re at the mercy of China to finance it. Should China be on the apposing side, we’re screwed. We’re paying some $400 billion a year just on interest on the Reagan/Bush debt.

Right-wingers try to blame it on Obama. The Republican party is also a cult. Take away the lies and they’d have nothing left. The only thing they lack is silly costumes.

3 Comments to “Vows of Celibacy, Silly Costumes, Worship of an Imaginary Being… and Abuse? Imagine That!”

  1. Good stuff. I thought you’d like to see my treatment of the story: http://rminyard.wordpress.com/2010/05/16/godfathers-and-popes-part-ii/

  2. Well, it seems the magnamonous Mr. Obama doesn’t have a problem with it.

    “The Obama administration in a brief to the Supreme Court has backed the Vatican’s claim of immunity from lawsuits arising from cases of sexual abuse by priests in the United States.”


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