National People’s Action: Protesting For America

by Ben Hoffman

Huge angry mobs converged outside bank employees’ houses on Sunday afternoon to demand banks stop lobbying against Wall Street reform.

“Bank of America: bad for America!” shouted community leaders outside the house of Bank of America general counsel Gregory Baer.

The Chicago-based grassroots organization National People’s Action, in coordination with the SEIU, bused more than 700 workers from 20 states to Baer’s neighborhood, one of the wealthiest corners of Washington. The action kicks off several days of protests targeting K Street for lobbyists’ role in financial reform.

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On May 17, everyday people from across the country will come to Washington DC to draw a direct line connecting unaccountable corporations, their lobbyists, and the Members of Congress who do their bidding. The big banks and other reckless corporations have hijacked our democracy and ruined our economy, and we are coming to Washington DC to take it back.

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This should be interesting. At least these people are protesting something. The dumb f*ck teabaggers don’t even know what they’re protesting.

One Comment to “National People’s Action: Protesting For America”

  1. So when are Democrats going to stop taking bribes from big evil capitalists?
    After all Obama was #1 on BP’s List.
    And for your condescending childishness about “teabaggers”: here’s an idea- How about not SPENDING EVEN MORE MONEY than the $4 Trillion you have already in 18 Months??

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