GOP Wants Papers On Kagan From Clinton Administration: Clinton Should Tell Them To F*ck Off

by Ben Hoffman

WASHINGTON – Republicans hunting for clues about what kind of justice Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan would be said Tuesday they want to see papers from her time serving in the Clinton administration.

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Hopefully Bill Clinton has learned his lesson from the non-stop investigation into his personal life while he was president. He should not give the Republicans ANYTHING. Not one shred of paper. Not one file. They tried like hell to bring down his presidency and were almost successful. Although they didn’t remove him from office, they managed to turn enough of the public against Democrats to get Bush almost enough votes to win the 2000 election. And the “liberal” media was none too happy to keep the little scandals on the front pages of most newspapers.

The Democrats missed their opportunity to get a little revenge with Bush. He could have easily been impeached for invading a sovereign nation that was of no real threat to us. They could have gotten him for lying about it. Or they could have gotten him for insider trading back in his Texas Rangers days. Instead, they did nothing.

Obama tried his best to work with Republicans last year, but the only thing they care about is bringing down his presidency. If they regain control of either houses of Congress, we’re going to see more of the non-stop investigations.

Several Bush administration officials were subpoenaed to testify about various issues, such as the politicization of our justice department but they just said, “Naaaaa, we don’t want to.” The Democrats did nothing.

Clinton testified under oath about issues regarding his personal life. He had a little more respect for our government and abided. Little did he know that he could have just said, “Naaaaa, I don’t want to.”

Now that Republicans are asking Clinton for papers about Kagan, he shouldn’t budge an inch. He should just tell them to f*ck off. Of course, they’ll whine and scream and claim he’s trying to hide something. But they’ll just whine and scream anyway because that’s what they do.

3 Comments to “GOP Wants Papers On Kagan From Clinton Administration: Clinton Should Tell Them To F*ck Off”

  1. Ben;
    I checked the link you provided and there is not even one mention of the Clinton administration, or even the mention of the name Clinton. Clarify your claims please.

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