Halliburton May Be At Fault For Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

by Ben Hoffman

This sounds like a joke after all the war profiteering engaged in by Halliburton and its subsidiary KBR, but Halliburton’s shoddy work may be the cause of the devastating oil spill off the Louisiana coast.

This from McClatchy News:

Officials haven’t said what they think caused the April 20 explosion
that led to the sinking two days later of the Deepwater Horizon drilling
rig, owned by Transocean Ltd. But industry speculation points to a
process where cement is used to seal cracks in the ocean floor
surrounding the tubing through which crude oil flows.

In a statement Friday, Halliburton confirmed that it was the “cementer”
hired for the job and said it had completed its job about 20 hours prior
to the explosion.

If “cementing” is the cause, it could spell new troubles for
Halliburton, whose work was also suspected in a well explosion that took
place last August in the Timor Sea near Australia. It took 71 days to
fully cap and contain that spill, according to Australia’s Sunday Times.
The official investigation is still ongoing, but cementing was the main
area of investigation, the head of the inquiry has said.

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5 Comments to “Halliburton May Be At Fault For Gulf Oil Spill Disaster”

  1. I’ve been in the concrete business for 32 years and my company supplies concrete for many gas & oil wells in the area. By the way, it’s NOT cement. It’s concrete.
    ‘cement’ is only one ingredient of concrete, just like flour is one ingredient of bread.
    Anyway, there is absolutely no way that “cementing” caused this explosion; just a smoke screen.

  2. Steve,

    ” Anyway, there is absolutely no way that “cementing” caused this explosion; just a smoke screen. ”

    Besides the fact that Vice President Cheney has not worked for Haliburton for years this is another dishonest way to blame the Bush Administration. Chris Mathews today was saying how all of the administrators at the various Federal Departments were put there by Cheney and thus are responsible .

    At any rate I have read about other smaller blow outs over the last several years that they are trying to pin on Haliburton .

    The only thing I’ve seen from BP was blaming Transocean .

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