George W. Bush Defends Immigration Policies: “They Worked And Are Still Working”

by Ben Hoffman

George W. Bush has been reserved in his criticism of President Barack Obama, but recently he defended his handling of immigration.

“Under Bill Clinton, we had a booming economy. People come to our country for jobs and Bill Clinton gave them more reason to come here. When I was president, we recognized that problem and immediately went to work to destroy the economy. Take away jobs and you take away incentive to come here.”

Bush listed as his anti-immigration accomplishments the welcoming of China to the WTO and the non-enforcement of their trade agreement violations.

“We removed a lot of the incentives that Mexicanos had form coming here,” Bush claimed. “The jobs that they often took are no longer here. We sent most of those manufacturing jobs to China, where they belong.”

The trade deficit increased tremendously under the Bush administration. He also credited the Republican Congress for granting permanent normal trading relations (PNTR) to China in 2000 “to make it all possible.”

The estimated number of unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. decreased for a second straight year in 2009, due to a great extent to the high unemployment rate here.

Bush continued, “Our antil-immigration polices were successful. They worked and are still working.”

Unemployment remains close to 10% in the U.S.


2 Comments to “George W. Bush Defends Immigration Policies: “They Worked And Are Still Working””

  1. Mr. Hoffman,

    So let me see if I got this right . George Bush has been out of office for going on 16 months . Anything that goes wrong is still Bush’s fault ? Anything that accidentally goes right is because of the brilliance of our first post racial President ?

    As far as Mexican immigration, I fault Bush for not securing the Border. Then again, you Liberals would have been having a pity party like you are now for Arizona .

    Oh,,,speaking of Mexico, did you know that it is a felony to be an illegal immigrant in Mexico ? Did you know that Mexico deports more illegal aliens than the US does ?

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