Young Glenn Beck Ranting About Communism

by Ben Hoffman

Kids In The Hall – Communism

11 Comments to “Young Glenn Beck Ranting About Communism”

  1. Hey I don’t care who you are that’s funny.

  2. Mr. Hoffman,

    I used to love kids in the hall . I am trying to get an approximate date for that episode . 90s something ?

  3. Had to be early 90s I’d guess. Back when Kids in the Hall & In Living Color took up the slack when SNL gave up on being on trying to be funny.

  4. I was trying to think when Russia was having it’s money woes. Pretty much the whole 90s.

  5. Thank Arb for his country’s contribution there!

  6. Mr. Hoffman,

    You men of the left must all drink at the same well or at least get the same information points . I saw part of this video on Keith Olbermann’s show today .

    I still see an opening for you on MSNBC . At least President Obama can create jobs in the media, defending him .

  7. Mr. Hoffman,

    ” Olbermann reads my blog ”

    Yea, I wish. If he did, he’d know my high opinion of him . I keep trying to make ” Worst Person in the World “, but I never make the cut .

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