Religious Nut Tim Tebow Enjoys The Company Of Big Breasted Women

by Ben Hoffman

Quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother were going to run an anti-abortion ad during last season’s Super Bowl, but they decided to tone it down. Recently, Denver drafted Tim so we’re stuck with him here. He’ll be close to the other Focus on the Family nuts, whose headquarters is down in Colorado Springs.

There are some who claim, all you have to do is look at the beauty in the world around you to prove the existence of God. Here’s Tim’s girlfriend Lucy Pinder…

I might believe there was a god, too, if I had a girlfriend who looked like that. 🙂

3 Comments to “Religious Nut Tim Tebow Enjoys The Company Of Big Breasted Women”

  1. I don’t know about the proof of God’s existence, but seeing gorgeous women on the arms of jerks sure makes me think that the devil might just be real!

  2. I knew there was reason for coming to this site, the eye candy . Keep posting pictures of babes . Way to go Mr. Hoffman . 🙂

    Don’t post any of those hags at CNN.

  3. Lucy Pender is not Tim Tebow’s girlfriend.

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