Man Charged With Threatening To Kill Senator Over Health Care Vote

by Ben Hoffman

A Washington state man has been charged with threatening to kill Democratic Sen. Patty Murray over her support for health care reform, leaving voicemail messages at her office saying she had a target on her back and “it only takes one piece of lead.”

Federal agents arrested Charles Alan Wilson without incident in Yakima, Wash., on Tuesday.


The right-wing wackos are getting wackier!


9 Comments to “Man Charged With Threatening To Kill Senator Over Health Care Vote”

  1. Did you also see this?

    “The FBI on Monday charged a Philadelphia man with threatening to kill a House Republican leader, the latest outburst against members of Congress in the wake of the health care debate.”

  2. Wacko. Nice intelligent response.

    Let me check what I said…nope I didn’t say it was over his vote on health care. Simply pointed out the Dem threat against a Repub. Looks like there enough kooks to go around both party’s fringes.

    Signed, wacko

  3. Ben you know I’m a right wing wacko, but a law abiding one. My weapon is my vote. Threats against any democratically elected leader is wrong, has been wrong, will always be wrong. Please don’t try to lean this as a unique right winger creation. You know that’s not true.

    • [Please don’t try to lean this as a unique right winger creation.]

      The threats against Cantor were because he was Jewish more than anything, and the guy was mentally ill. It wasn’t any more political than the bullet through his window.

  4. Mr. Hoffman,

    ” ya wacko. ”

    I have a question . Is the term wacko now acceptable on this board ? Having run afoul of your rule against personal insults, I am trying to know where the line is .

  5. I insulted you mr. Hoffman? My comments and questions? Really? I didn’tean to.

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