Bad News For Republicans: Economy Shows Signs Of Recovery

by Ben Hoffman

Employers in the U.S. probably added jobs in March, setting the stage for a broadening of the economic expansion.

Payrolls are expected to rise by 190,000, the most in three years, after declining 36,000 in February, according to the median forecast of 62 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News before a Labor Department report due out Friday.

Various news organizations, including Dow Jones, Reuters, Bloomberg and CBS MarketWatch, poll economists before release of the report, which includes job numbers and the unemployment rate.

A Dow Jones Newswires survey predicts March nonfarm payroll jobs will increase by 203,000. That would be the largest rise since March 2007 β€” well before the recession began.

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The March consumer confidence index came in at 52.5, up from 46.4 in February, slightly beating forecasts, the Conference Board said moments ago.

This marks a rebound to January levels, which hit 56.5.

The Conference Board index is one of two prominent monthly measures of consumer confidence, the other being the Reuters/University of Michigan number. That number came out last week and showed essentially no change from February.

So we’ve got conflicting numbers between the new major indexes. Obviously, each poll has different methodology. The Conference Board’s index is based on a monthly survey of 5,000 U.S. households, for instance.

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The Democrats are growing a backbone, the economy is recovering, we’re getting out of Iraq, the Afghanistan mission seems to be working, and the Democrats passed health insurance reform that will help a lot of people, all with the Republicans trying to blog every move so they could claim a “do-nothing” administration. Next is financial reform, which Republicans will try to block.

Democrats may actually pick up some seats this fall!

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20 Comments to “Bad News For Republicans: Economy Shows Signs Of Recovery”

  1. Mr. Hoffman,

    It’s true that those evil bastards you and Obama hate on Wall Street are doing well . The rest of America still ain’t working . Where are those 5 million new imaginary Green jobs, the almighty Obama promised ?

    Oh,, by the way, I’m sure you are aware that companies like Caterpillar, John Deere, AT&T, and Verizon are saying that YOUR Hero’s Health care bill is going to hurt them severely and cause them to possibly drop health care to retirees, and possibly cause layoffs .

    Now apparently the Constitutional right of free speech is suspended during the Democratic Party Dictatorship . Commissar Henry Waxman wants the sinners to come before some Poliboro Committee to answer for these high crimes .

    Have a nice day πŸ™‚

  2. Mr. Hoffman,

    ” I’m eating chocolate covered matzos. πŸ™‚ ”

    Those just have to be unhealthy . I really hope the food police never catch on to you . There is some knucklehead in New York who wants to fine cooks if they add salt to their cooking . I forget who he is but, I’m pretty sure he has a D after his name . πŸ™‚

  3. Mr. Hoffman,

    Back to topic. I hope I’m wrong . I hope President Obama turns the economy around like Reagan did . I really hope for you to be right . I hope everyone gets back to work and prospers, even if the Democrats get to stay in power . I’m betting against it, based on my vast experience, but I hope I’m wrong .

    Because if I’m right, my party will take over an economy that is a basket case . SS and Medicare will be bankrupt, and the Chinese will tear up our credit card . God , I hope I’m wrong . I hope Socialism for the first time in recorded history, succeeds in bringing an economy back . I hope spending my grandchildren s money and their children s money makes Obama the historic President he thinks he is . So go Obama economy go . I’m pulling for you . πŸ™‚

    • [I hope President Obama turns the economy around like Reagan did .]

      I hope we have a real recovery — not one accompanied by enormous debt, like the mild recovery we saw under Reagan, which was probably more due to the mini tech boom at the time than any government policies.

  4. Mr. Scott,

    The big Corps who are taking non-cash charges are still way ahead if you take into account the tax breaks they were given in 2003.

    ATT for example got a $1.6 billion benefit to their income that year. If you compound their windfall for 7 years by 7.5% it’s worth $2.65 billion today, or still $1.65 billion after you subtract their announced $1 billion charge. And they get to have that $1.6 billion continue to compound into the future.

    Implying that these announced charges are going to force corporations to cut back retirees health benefits is a bogus scare tactic that doesn’t hold water by any stretch.

    And it was certainly no surprise, as it was discussed during the debate. It was just pulled out as an issue after ObamaCare passed by the right to make a dramatic splash.

    But the only people going to get wet are the Republicans.

  5. Bob Gelbar,

    I have no idea whether or not your information is correct. Lets for the sake of argument only, assume you know what the hell you are talking about . You seem to to not be aware that corporations stay in business by making profits, which they pay to share holders .

    If they become less profitable, the stock price goes down and management not only gets paid less, it has a good chance to be fired .

    [deleted due to insults]

    I’m so freaking happy that you deem $ 1.65 billion to be an allowable profit . At any rate managements job is to make profits . [deleted due to insults]

    [deleted due to insults]

    Mr. Hoffman,

    ” I hope we have a real recovery β€” not one accompanied by enormous debt, like the mild recovery we saw under Reagan, which was probably more due to the mini tech boom at the time than any government policies. ”

    You just cannot admit that tax cuts worked . At any rate you have already failed in your hope . Your hero has run up a humongous debt and has no improvement in employment to show for it .

    Now just to show you that I do not condemn Obama for everything he does . I just heard he opened up a couple tracts for offshore oil drilling . It shows he is not totally moronic . How very George Bush like of him, or Sarah Palin like . Drill baby, drill .

    • [I just heard he opened up a couple tracts for offshore oil drilling . It shows he is not totally moronic .]

      No, actually he’s pretty smart. Just wait. There’s going to be some renewable energy money attached to this bill. πŸ™‚

    • Mr. Scott,

      I admire your enthusiasm!

      The numbers are good, they are straight from the (bipartisan) Wall Street Journal.

      Of course I agree corps are there to make a profit. As a shareholder that’s what I expect.

      However profits and expenses are fungible. If profit goes down there are any number of ways to correct the problem.

      My objection to the recent tax related write-offs are:

      1) 7 years ago these cos. Got a tax benefit which saved them big bucks. This ‘extra profit’ or whatever you want to call it allowed them to make extra investments, or increase dividends to shareholders like me. And that ‘windfall’ compounds to the point where it’s larger than the current write-offs. So they are still ahead of the game. It’s misleading to complain about the gov’t ‘clawing back’ the previous ‘windfall’ under the circumstances.

      2) It’s even more misleading to link those write-offs with a threat to cut retiree health benefits. That’s because it’s not SOP to link any increased expense to a specific cost-reduction solution. Management is expected to look at a spectrum of solutions.

      3) To be fair, we need to go back and parse the news stories and see who is making that link … I have a feeling it may be the Repubs and Conservative Lobby but not the Corporate managers.

      In any case enjoy the burn!


  6. Mr. Hoffman,

    ” No, actually he’s pretty smart. Just wait. There’s going to be some renewable energy money attached to this bill. πŸ™‚ ”

    No, he is pretty stupid . With his majorities he can do all of the renewables he wants . The little crumbs he threw to my side in the way of opening up pathetic parcells of offshore tracts, are not enough to get him meaningful Republican support. While they have to hurt him with you environmental hard core guys.

    Bob Gelbar,

    I still think my basic point is valid . After the fact these corporations have no incentive to get the Commissars in Washington mad at them .

    I really had a much better reply to give you, but now that I’m being censored, I’m having to do some editing, which really leaves out the emotion and enthusiasm .

  7. Mr. Hoffman,

    I know you work really hard keeping the rif raf in line on this board . It must be difficult, so to help you out I’ve decided to self censor my remarks .

    Now in regard to your remark ” Well, you seem to enjoy complaining. Now you have something else to complain about. ”

    I have just beg[deleted due to insults]wh[deleted due to insults] and further more [deleted due to insults], so there πŸ™‚

  8. Bob Gelber,

    I get so few kind words on the boards which I post, thank you .

  9. Mr. Hoffman,

    Remember when I said Commissar Waxman wanted Executives in front of his Committee to crucify them. Well after running his big mouth, Commissar Waxman has mysteriously canceled the hearings . Something smells . Probably Waxman’s nostrils .

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