John Boehner Sings About Health Care

by Ben Hoffman

Who knew the bone head was such a good singer! Watch!

3 Comments to “John Boehner Sings About Health Care”

  1. Ben – It’s off topic, but I’m at a loss here how to contact you… What’s the story behind the Jefferson’s Works books image?
    I am a proud owner of one full & cherry set of those – caught me offguard to see that image!

    Anyway – love what you do – my very best to you,

  2. Mr. Hoffman,

    Let’s see, you take two unrelated topics, blend them together in a confrontational and racially charged way . Typical Democratic Party race baiting .

    It goes over well with the base, I’m sure . What ever you do, stay off of the issues . Because you can never win on those .

  3. Since this is the most current health care topic, I will post this here under ” duh “.

    New York Offers Costly Lessons on Insurance

    ” state officials and patients’ advocates say that New York’s extensive insurance safety net for people like Ms. Welles is falling apart.”

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