Our Tax Dollars Are Funding Pedophile Organizations!

by Ben Hoffman

Catholic priests have a long history of sexual abuse. The latest scandal involves a school for the deaf in Wisconsin where the Rev. Lawrence C. Murphy molested as many as 200 boys. As usual, the church covered it up and even the Pope Benedict XVI was involved. The Pope, of course, served in the Hitler Youth organization.

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That’s bad enough, but our tax dollars are funding these perverts and we give them tax exempt status! Billions of dollars every year go to these pedophile organizations, yet there is little outrage. You have to look pretty hard to find a movement to cut off funding for faith-based initiatives.

The ACORN scandal involved contracts to help the poor, and that was all over the news. ACORN is now on its last legs. What about all the money funding perverts?

8 Comments to “Our Tax Dollars Are Funding Pedophile Organizations!”

  1. As we argued with the ACORN scandal, charities should at the very least be held to a higher standard, but what’s happening here goes way beyond that. These people are despicable, and should be burned at the stake.

    Not only should their money be completely cut off, but their ______ as well (many words fit in that blank).

    Absolutely sick and disgusting.

  2. Very Clever Little Rabbit . Equating the Catholic Church scandals with ACORN .

  3. And so when you walk into that ballot box, remember that it was my Democratic opponent who favored providing Viagra to pedophiles.”
    Tom Coburn (R., Okla.) offered language to bar the government from subsidizing erectile dysfunction drugs for convicted pedophiles and rapists. Democrats voted . . . No! Orrin Hatch (R., Utah) proposed exempting wounded soldiers from the new tax on medical devices. Democrats: No way! Pat Roberts (R., Kan.) wanted to exempt critical access rural hospitals from funding cuts. Senate Democrats: Forget it! This was Republicans’ opportunity to lay out every ugly provision and consequence of ObamaCare, and Democrats—because of the process they’d chosen—had to defend it all.

  4. This Catholic Church story is to muddy the waters a bit and let the ACORN story cool off. Typical Chicago politics .

  5. I was on the 32nd St off ramp of I-10 at Earth Hour otherwise I would have liked to have been at home so I could turn absolutely everything on.
    Darn I missed it!
    Maybe next year, if we aren’t reduced to burning candles by then.

  6. This article sounds like an athiest trying to destroy the church.

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