49% of Americans Say Healthcare Bill Is A Good Thing

by Ben Hoffman

In a poll conducted on March 22, one day after passage of the health care bill, 49% of those polled said it was a “good thing.” 40% said it was bad. Polling data

What’s the deal with Gallop running on a Windows server? Notice the ASPX extension? So that link I posted may not be reliable.

But back to the data… Nearly half, or it could actually be more than half given the margin of error, approve of the bill, and the fixes haven’t even been voted on yet. Enough real information must have gotten out to the public for them to see the reform as something that was urgently needed. Most of us are tired of paying through the roof so insurance companies can reap record profits and pay their CEOs millions of dollars a year.

We don’t mind our payments going to the health care providers, but the middle man shouldn’t be skimming as much as 20% off the top. With the new changes, insurance providers will be required to post how much of your premiums are going towards administration. Republicans will probably try to repeal that law. After all, they’re looking out for the interests of the wealthy — not the interests of the middle class.

The emotional reaction to the bill may be some indication as to what will happen this fall. 50% said they were either pleased or enthusiastic while 42% said they were disappointed or angry. Some of those who were disappointed are those who believe the bill didn’t go far enough.

The Democrats won on this and America loves a winner. That has been a big problem with the Democrats. They are perceived as being wimps. Could it be they’re finally developing a backbone? We’ll have to wait and see.

15 Comments to “49% of Americans Say Healthcare Bill Is A Good Thing”

  1. With all due respect, I dont understand how we are supposed to ignore all the polls showing the great drop of approval for Obama (who is below 50% in most major polls including CNN even), Pelosi (who is at 11% approval), Reid (at 8% approval, Wow!) when we are supposed to applaud the polls (or in this case one poll of just over 1,000 folks) when it makes your guy look all great. I think there is a word for that!

    Next, for political and personal agenda, so many folks out there love to point out polls where there are many people supporting healthcare reform. I am one of them to! In fact, of all the conservatives I know, they all support some form of reform. That includes my friends on the hill and in the state capital. It is only this version of reform that most dislike. Now the poll you pointed out does address this bill right after it was passed, but poll them again in a week. Outside those with political blinders on and party prejudice in their veins, many are just now taking notice to the billions and billions of dollars worth of sweet-heart deals in return for their votes. They are starting to hear and read for themselves how the “doughnut hole” in medicare for prescription reimbursements is pathetic and sad. Doesnt keep it from being a huge ‘selling point” by the President. Do you even know what it is by the way? Have you read the bill or the amendments posted last Thursday afternoon? Well I will tell you. H.R. 4872, Section 1101, Line 12, ONE-TIME ONLY payment of up to $250 shall be issued by the 15th of the 3rd month following the quarter in which that prescription cost was incurred. This one time only payment is really the great “fix” that is being sold to Americans for their support? How about the 2.9% tax being put on the sale of medical equipment. H.R. 4872, Sec. 4191. Line 19. That tax goes to the purchaser, which is the hospital, surgery centers and medical offices. Not the manufacturer (who happens to be huge contributers to Obama and the Dems). That reminds me, where is the much needed Tort Reform that could limit the amount bad lawsuits being filed every day, forcing hospitals and physicians to just settle because it is cheaper to do that compared to fighting it? Its not there because “lawyers and Law Firms” just so happen to be the BIGGEST contributers to Obama and the Dems. (http://www.opensecrets.org/industries/mems.php?party=A&cycle=2008) And Obama had the guts to come on TV after the vote Sunday night and say he is so proud that he “got this passed without giving into special interest!” WOW! Some people!

    So yeah, there are many people out there right now learning the truth behind this bill. And there is so much more to share. So keep telling people this is a good bill, forcing folks to have insurance and making them pay fines when they dont. A bill that can be marketed as something that allows you to keep your existing plans, which is true, but what they dont talk about is how they are going to make it so difficult for private insurers to stay in business that your plan will leave you. Did you ever take a step back from you party blinders and ask yourself why the government is placing such company killing demands on private businesses and not on the current government state level plans already in place? Last time I checked, state health plans are denying folks left and right just as much as private insurers are. Why then didnt we try to improve our state plans so they can reach out to folks who maybe made to much money but had pre-existing conditions (like myself) who can in turn pay for it still through the state? They could do that without violating the Commerce Clause of our Constitution and placing demands on private companies. And you mention profit margins? Let me ask you, do you know where the industry of “healthcare plans” ranks? I mean, that is what we are talking about here! They are 86th at 3.3%. Not even holding a candle to the top industries including drug manufacturers and drug delivery. Oh yeah, did I mention how Obama caved into that special interest to when you took hundred of millions to overturn his promise and campaign stump promise to open up national borders so folks can shop over seas for lower prescription costs? He only promised that like 800 times! But as soon as he was bought by special interest, he reversed his views and has since avoided all talk of it.

    This is a shell game and yes, Bush and many other Republicans played and still play it as well. I have called them out many times and without Bush doing the wrongs that he did, we could have never made this jump into Socialism as quickly as we did. And no Nancy, this is not what our “founding fathers vowed to do” as she stated in her post vote speech. Unless her founding fathers included Carl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao. So stick to your poll, believe whatever you want. Myself, I am going to continue to read the bills and understand whats in it, what doesnt have to be in it adn what is missing and why. We need honest folks back in DC. We need accountable folks. We need elected officials representing us, the American people, over their special interest groups. We need representatives voting on a bill because its what they believe in and not because they were given sweet-heart deals and thus paid off for their vote. It is time to reboot all of Congress and get the Socialist out of the White House.

    • I really don’t give much credence to the 3.3% or whatever profit margin any enterprise organization claims. I’ve seen those kind of numbers stated a lot in articles like this one and I think for the most part they’re promoted just to make these companies sound humble.

      There’s a number of other factors to consider, such as market capitalization, retained earnings, # of shares outstanding, capital gain, etc. to look at how well a company really does.

      For example, my wage didn’t increase last year but my net worth did (not bragging – it goes the other way, too), but the point here is unless someone specifically looked beyond my income (profit), all they’d see is a 3% average wage increase over the last 5 years. We should be skeptical when large companies throw those percentages around.

  2. Unless her founding fathers included Carl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao.

    Fear monger much? Mixed socioeconomic systems are not the anti-christ. Honest 🙂

  3. When talking about this new bill, which is medical welfare while doing everything they can to bury private business, Pelosi really was able to say that this bill was what our founding fathers vowed. Seriously? Do you really think that? Do you really believe that? Have you read the Constitution? And you think this is “mixed”? Really? You really believe you can keep your private plans and the government isnt stepping into that private company and demanding them to change things? Hey, I agree some of those things are horrible and no one I know wants “status quo” as Obama likes to tell people. If they were just opening the door to improve the current government (state) healthcare plans to cover the American Citizens who need coverage and also to reach out to those who need coverage over pre-existing conditions, then fine! I would vote for that even. It would then be mixed socioeconomics. But there is othing mixed about them controlling what a private company does and doesnt do. I say, fix what needs fixed in state healthcare plans that help those who need help, and if private companies want to turn people away and decline them, let them bury themselves and force their own doors closed. Open up the state borders to for competition. So if say BCBS decides they dont want to cover pre-exisiting or renew someone, that someone would havemany other options. Drive up competition and privaet companies will offer more to stay competitive. Your right, mixed socioeconomics isnt the anti-christ. But it isnt needed as much as some want it to be.

    • Welcome posts, Nick. I was surprised that Obama had the gall to say he achieved this “without caving in to special interests”. Clever choice of words. I’d liken it to Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” banner at best and at worst (taking a page from Ben’s book), would say it’s an outright LIE(!)

      There are many things wrong with this bill and many things that stink to high heaven (I wonder what the truth is behind these “benefits”, for instance), but what else could we expect from two inept parties elected by a population that has been largely silent and ignorant for the past 16 years? We elect nothing but elitist HUTA’s, and we expect something better?
      I’m with you on the reboot, but I no longer think it can happen at the polls.

      As for the bill itself, I am happy that a move has been made to prevent exclusion or removal of coverage for pre-existing conditions. As much of a capitalist that I am, I don’t think increased competition would have solved that problem. As for the rest of the bill (that I’ve seen), there’s nothing much that I’m happy about at all and NEITHER side deserves any pat on the back for what a new, expensive, mess they’ve not put in our laps. It’s going to be an interesting four years.

      • Hello Vern! That was a well thought out reply to my comment. And yes, I agree that the years will only get more interesting. I am hoping for some form of balance after the 2010 elections so no one party can just pass whatever they please.

        I couldnt agree with you more about the blind eye a majority of this country has taken towards those we have elected recently. And though an arguement can be made for many officials prior, I first point to Bush and the big government, wasteful spending and power hungry ways that were very vivid soon after he took office. There are still many things that I support him on, but conservative principles and true representation of the people soon lost their ways. It took some years for many, including myself I admit, to take my political blinders off to see just how bad it had become. But I was able to do it and now I am watching so many folks, who are true Democrats (not Obama Democrats) going through the same test. We look back at the few names in Bush’s Administration and wonder how they ever found that seat and now we look at the present administration and wonder how any of them got their position. It just gets worse and worse.

        I dont disagree with you about it not happening at the polls either. As someone who is very involved in the campaign game, I know that there are still many seats that will be won by a GOP candidate who shouldnt be there. The polls mean so much more however, in the primary where we can put some of the right conservatives in a seat that can be won. I also understand the third party and tea party movements well. I understand them and probably agree with them alot on many things. I have spoken at many tea party events myself and know the vast majority of them are normal folks, all ages, all classes and many registered dems and independents. I see the rising of Americans who are just flat out tired of the games, the lies, the selfish grab for more control through special interest funding and support.

        Finally, I understand opening up the state borders for more competition is not the answer, but it is a piece. It would offer more of an opportunity for choice and drive current providers to be more humble in what they offer. Pre-existing conditions being taken out of the process does sound nice, and the only thing I think government could have gotten involved with (legally) is to force companies to honor their contracts, including the coverage they agreed to, until the contract expired. I dont like the changes in the middle of a health insurance contract between providers and clients. I can clearly see what the outcome is going to be with big government forcing private insurers to take them out. And then to force them to renew the patient to boot! Its like saying, he listen, I know this client is costing you 10 times more than what you bring in, but you have to renew them. What? Get real. What do we all think is going to happen? And these providers are not making the big record breaking numbers and profits Obama supporters want us all to believe. But like Obama has no problems lying to us about special interest, these supporters keep going with the same lies about healthcare profits.

        Soon the blinders will come off. I just hope we are able to salvage and rebuild this great country around personal freedoms and liberty.

    • I’m not going to do a detailed analysis until the reconciliation bill is formulated and passed. The dems admit that there are problems with the current bill as it is and are going to offer up some fixes, but the benefits I posted in this thread are good:

      • Let’s hope they hold water! Yes, the bill didn’t include everything most of us wanted (i.e. competition across state lines, tort reform, etc.) but sometimes we need to start with what we DON’T want to get to what we want. (Didn’t another important document start like that? :)) I look forward to seeing what the reconciliations end up being/doing.

      • [Let’s hope they hold water! Yes, the bill didn’t include everything most of us wanted (i.e. competition across state lines, tort reform, etc.)]

        I thought right-wingers wanted the states to have more power. States create insurance regulations. If we allow the purchase of insurance across state lines, what’s the use of state regulations? It’s a bad idea, anyway. Insurance companies will locate in states with the weakest regulations and screw everybody they can. The only way that will work is if there are minimum standards.

        As far as tort reform, that was done in Texas and it did nothing to reduce cost. It’s also taking away individuals’ rights to sue. In Texas, they put a limit of $250k I believe. If negligence results in the death of one of your children, they should only be liable for a maximum of $250k?

  4. The writer posed the Gallup survey (indicating 49% favorability) as a good thing about the recently-passed health bill.

    Imagine fifty years have passed, and what we called ObamaCare now consumes half the budget; individual taxes have risen in a proportional manner; and Obama or his successor has made good on the progressive promise of single-payer health.

    Two generations after us have been saddled with a ten or twenty trillion dollar structural debt for which they must pay perhaps a trillion dollars in interest payments annually. Why, they will ask, why did your generation do this to us?

    It will be cold comfort to them when we answer, well, 49 percent of the people favored it.

    No two ways about it: government debt is an unforgiveable assault on our children.

    Perhaps a mean, cranky, stubborn old white man should be in charge of our national finances… because he will make us pay our bills, rather than subjugate our children and grandchildren and so forth.

  5. Mr. Hoffman,

    ” The health care bill is paid for, ”

    Who says so, Obama ? The CBO working with Obama’s cooked numbers ?

    Since you believe this . Hey I can get you a deal on an antique bridge . First major suspension bridge in a city . It’s in a place called Brooklyn . This is a limited time offer . 🙂

  6. Mr. Hoffman,

    ” Actually, it’s in between Manhattan and Brooklyn. ”

    I see you’ve been already looking to buy it . I think I can get you a really good deal . I believe that if I can hire a couple of the guys who used to work in the loan department at Countrywide Financial ( Angelo’s boys ), put them together with the financial wizards who provide Obama’s figures, I can rig it so you flip the bridge and walk away with a couple of million in your pocket .

    I am just not sure where to find them . Wait, now I remember, they all hang out and drink coffee every morning at the White House, or is it the DNC ?

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