And Now For Something Completely Different: Oscar Previews!

by Ben Hoffman

Tonight is the Oscars, so I thought I’d give my take on the nominees, which are:

Avatar. 3D movie about the evils of large corporations having too much power. A fun movie for the whole family, but hardly Oscar worthy.

The Blind Side. Never heard of it.

District 9. Never heard of it.

An Education. Never heard of it.

The Hurt Locker. We watched this one last night. Pretty interesting and some good performances, but not Oscar worthy.

Inglourious Basterds. Haven’t seen it yet, but we’re supposed to get in on Monday.

Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire. That’s the title? Never heard of it.

A Serious Man. I’m a fan of Coen bros. movies, but haven’t seen it yet.

Up. Never heard of it.

Up in the Air. Never heard of it.

And there you have it. A comprehensive review of the movies up for “best picture” award. Fee free to post your own opinions. I’ll be working in the garage. 🙂

2 Comments to “And Now For Something Completely Different: Oscar Previews!”

  1. My two cents:
    1) Avatar. Saw it before. “Ferngully” + “Dances with Wolves”. Deserves all the technical awards, but Best Picture? Don’t think so. The fact that there’s now “Avatar Depression” would make me put my vote in for another movie besides this one, too.
    2) The Blind Side: Never heard of it, either.
    3) District 9: If considering the racial/prejudicial overtones, interesting at best. As for the rest of it, cheap and cheesy.
    4) An Education: Never heard of it, either.
    5) Hurt Locker: Didn’t like it.
    6) Inglorious Basterds: Funny, entertaining, escapist. Enjoyed it, and nice to see Jews finally get some (good) revenge on the Nazi’s in a film.
    7) Precious: Heard it’s a powerful movie, but haven’t seen it.
    8) A Serious Man: Haven’t seen it yet.
    9) Up: Awesome.
    10) Up in the Air: I liked it, but thought Clooney was better in “Michael Clayton”.

  2. Here’s my take on these:

    1. Avatar: Overblown action movie, good digital effects. Never seen it, never plan to. I agree with both of you…not Oscar worthy.

    2. The Blind Side: Haven’t seen it, but want to. A wonderful story, and by all accounts, Sandra Bullock is amazing.

    3. District 9: Fantastic movie, deep and challenging story. I loved it!

    4. An Education: Never heard of it.

    5. The Hurt Locker: Haven’t seen it yet, but want to. My boyfriend saw it and said it was pretty good.

    6. Inglorious Basterds: Haven’t seen it yet, but looks funny. I’ve liked most of Tarantino’s movies, and any movie devoted to killing Nazis is good in my book.

    7. Precious: Like Vern, I’ve heard it’s incredibly powerful with amazing performances. Haven’t seen it yet, though.

    8. A Serious Man: Never heard of it.

    9. Up: Great! This was such a cute movie, and I loved the ending.

    10. Up in the Air: Want to see it…badly. It’s supposed to be one of George Clooney’s best performances, but I never saw Michael Clayton. 🙂

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