Elizabeth Warren: Change We Can Believe In

by Ben Hoffman

Barack Obama had a pretty mediocre first year, mainly because he continued many of the Bush administration policies and tried to work with the obstructionist Republicans, whose only desire is bringing down the Obama administration.

It’s not too late for Obama to get on track, but that means real change. Timothy Geithner needs to go for one, and Elizabeth Warren would be a great replacement. She would also be a good fit for Chairman of the Federal Reserve, since Ben Bernanke confirmation is up in the air.

I’ll write more on Warren in the next few days.

Elizabeth Warren

3 Comments to “Elizabeth Warren: Change We Can Believe In”

  1. Mr. Hoffman,

    You and your friends live in fantasy land. Obama did not try to work with Republicans at all. He told them it’s my way or the highway. They chose the highway. In the words of the Great Nancy Pelosi, ” We won. ” So basically the message to Republicans was “screw you.”

    Tell me just how Republicans obstructed President Obama? They could not. Unlike the way Democrats obstructed Bush, Republicans were powerless to do anything to Obama.

    So is this the message going out to you bloggers from central command? Continue to blame Republicans. Well even the folks who voted for Obama in Massachusetts have figured out who is really to blame.

    • Obstructionist Republicans. How lame can you get. The Democrats have a vast majority in both the Senate and House and still couldn’t get anything done. And you still blame Bush??!! Like Alan said, you live in a fantasy land. The Obama administration needs to be brought down; before it brings America all the way down.
      I’m sitting here listening to Obama right now, and he is so far out of touch it is unbelievable. He’s a freak.

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