Michelle Bachmann: Welfare Queen

by Ben Hoffman

Michelle Bachmann — nut-job extraordinaire — has been on a personal crusade to save our country from the evils of socialism. But it turns out she doesn’t feel that way when it comes to her own family. Her family farm has received over a quarter of a million dollars in federal subsidies between 1995 and 2006, yet she voted against every foreclosure relief bill aimed at helping the average homeowner. She claimed that bailing out homeowners would be “rewarding the irresponsible while punishing those who have been playing by the rules.”

Bachmann was a tax attorney and she knows the rules, all right. She knows how to milk the system.

John McCain has also rallied against socialism, yet this multi-millionaire collects Social Security and disability payments, even though he collects a hefty salary as a Senator.

Here are some other hypocrites of note:

Chuck Grassley, the longtime Republican senator from Iowa who warns his constituents of Obama’s “trend toward socialism,” has seen his family collect $1 million in federal handouts over an 11-year period, with Grassley’s son receiving $699,248 and the senator himself pocketing $238,974. Even Grassley’s grandson is learning to ride through life on training wheels, snagging $5,964 in 2005 and $2,363 in 2006. In the Grassley family they learn early how to enjoy other people’s money.

Then there’s Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., whose family has been on the government take for at least the past 11 years, pocketing some $500,000. The senator recently held a “prayercast” with Michele Bachmann to beseech God to kill health care reform as soon as possible because it would bring an evil socialist spirit into America. Like Bachmann, Brownback has a fierce belief in God, the free market and a two-year limit on all welfare benefits—unless it’s welfare to rich Republicans who don’t need it.

Not surprisingly, Blue Dog Democrats are on board with this welfare-for-the-rich thing. Max Baucus, the fiscally conservative Democratic senator from Montana who did his best to sabotage the health care reform process before it ever began, collected $250,000 in taxpayer subsidies to his family’s farm while fighting to keep Americans at the mercy of free-market health insurance. Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, another Democrat, also helped hold the line against so-called socialized medicine for Americans who need assistance, even though her family farm business follows the socialized subsidy playbook to a T. The Lincolns pocketed $715,000 in farm subsidies over a 10-year period, and the senator even admitted to using $10,000 of it as petty cash in 2007. Democratic Rep. Stephanie Sandlin of South Dakota stayed true to her conservative free-market roots by voting against the public option. Meanwhile, her daddy, Lars Herseth, a former South Dakota legislator, collected a welfare jackpot of $844,725 paid out between 1995 and 2006.

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2 Comments to “Michelle Bachmann: Welfare Queen”

  1. But it turns out she doesn’t feel that way when it comes to her own family.

    You can disagree that the government should be throwing money on the floor. But still be forced to pick it up.

    When every other farm in the State is taking money, and you don’t, you go out of business.

  2. pino,

    You are exactly right. I brought up a similar point awhile back on Social Security. Our esteemed host seems to think that Senator McCain is a hypocrite for collecting on disability and SS. McCain more than earned his disability money. He also paid in to SS. Why shouldn’t he get some of his money back from the Ponzi scheme he was forced to pay in to?

    The farm subsidies are the same as you pointed out. When the system gives your competitors an advantage by subsidizing them, you are forced to take them to survive. Anyone with any free enterprise knowledge would know that.

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