How To Avoid Binge Eating During The Holidays

by Ben Hoffman

It’s too easy to pig out during the holidays. Often our refrigerators are stocked full of pies and our cabinets full of candies and other treats. It takes an enormous amount of will power to refrain from gorging on these tasty treats.

So how do we avoid binge eating? We need to pace our selves.

After breakfast, eat one or two slices of pie — preferably one with fruit filling. These are nutritious and satisfying. Avoid ice cream toppings at this point.

Mid morning, you can eat a sugar cookie or two to get you through until lunchtime.

After lunch, a few pieces of fudge is good. No matter how much you eat for lunch, there’s always room for a few chunks of fudge.

Around 2:00, you’ll be getting a second wind. That is the time for a nice scoop of ice cream topped with chocolate chips, nuts, and maybe some hot fudge.

Some hearty cookies are good around 4:00. Pick the ones with icing for a good sugar rush.

After dinner, relax a bit with some candy treats. When your food digests a bit, slice off a hearty piece of cake and top it with two full scoops of ice cream.

Before retiring to bed, eat a few oatmeal cookies with a tall glass of milk. Oatmeal is good before bed since it causes drowsiness.

That’s it! Just follow these tips and you’ll have a well managed holiday season!

7 Comments to “How To Avoid Binge Eating During The Holidays”

  1. Hmmm, a non-political post getting no responses? Well in the spirit of giving let me respond then! A very Christmas-y post, Ben, thank you. All the best to you and yours over the holidays and in 2010.


  2. Hey, it sounds good to me. Merry Christmas Ben!

  3. Merry Christmas

  4. Mr. Hoffman,

    I do not wish to offend anyone so, I suppose I should add, for you non religious folks.

    Happy Winter Solstice Season.

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