George W. Bush Was Responsible For The Ft. Hood Shootings

by Ben Hoffman

The FBI knew that Nidal Malik Hasan had contact with al-Qaeda and was an extreme risk, but the military wasn’t alerted.

Much of the blame for 9/11 can be placed on poor communication between various agencies. They weren’t sharing intelligence information. Many problems incurred during the response to the attacks were also due to communication problems.

Bush vowed to remedy those problems but after over eight years, very little has been done. Intelligence never was given much importance in the Bush administration.

As with 9/11, there were plenty of warnings with the Ft. Hood shootings: Hasan made threats on the internet, he attended the same mosque at the same time as two of the 9/11 hijackers, and one of his projects in medical school stated the war on terror was a war against Islam. That’s all we know about so far.

So how is it that there were so many warning signs but Hasan was still scheduled to deploy to Iraq? Bad communication, mainly. Bush didn’t do his job. Perhaps Obama will recognize this as a high priority and do something.

7 Responses to “George W. Bush Was Responsible For The Ft. Hood Shootings”

  1. WOW!! This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read

  2. And it kind of goes without saying, had we never invaded Iraq, the Ft. Hood shooting never would have occurred.

    • I’ll reserve (for a later time) comment about the first part of your post Ben. But the last part I have to agree with pottokettle. I think your oars aren’t hitting the water.

  3. Steve,

    Read the whole article. Only the sarcasm is here. There’s a whole lot more to the post. Even the link provided is not the whole blog.

  4. Mr. Hoffman,

    Your argument is logically correct. It is also ridiculous. I will now give an example of what I am talking about.

    Everyone of us, from conception is under a death sentence. All of us are doomed to die one day. Logically our parents are to blame for every evil thing, including our deaths, that befall us. Ridiculous, but as logical as your argument.

    Sorry to run at the mouth, but to bring up another point that just occurred to me. Your line “Intelligence never was given much importance in the Bush administration.” is so much in error that I have to bend over backwards, to believe it is not an intentional miscarriage of truth.

    I wonder which party had a total excrement fit over the intelligence gathering the Bush Administration did through monitoring US citizens calls to the Middle East. This is a perfect example that Bush was right and your liberal buddies in the press and in Congress had their heads in a body cavity.

    I wonder how Major Hassan’s contacts with radical Muslims were known? I sure hope your buddies in the Justice Department prosecute any Bush era FBI, CIA types who infringed on this poor man’s civil rights. Please tell me my sarcasm is not wasted on you.


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