And Now For Some Good News: Plans Underway For “Smart” Electric Grid

by Ben Hoffman

During Obama’s election campaign, he made a promise to modernize the electric grid so clean energy sources such as solar and wind could more easily get electricity to consumers. $3.4 billion from the stimulus package will go towards that goal.

President Barack Obama will announce a $3.4 billion investment of stimulus funds to modernize the electric grid at an event in Arcadia, Fla., Tuesday, administration officials said.

One-hundred private companies, utilities, manufacturers, cities and others will receive grants of between $400,000 and $200 million to help build a nationwide “smart energy grid” that will cut costs for consumers and make the nation’s electrical system more reliable.

The grants are expected to create tens of thousands of jobs – the administration did not say exactly how many – and also lay down the infrastructure to create a new renewable energy industry, one of Obama’s longstanding goals.


Right-wingers have been whining that the stimulus package has done nothing to create new jobs. Taking a drive to the mountains here in Colorado over the weekend, I saw many highway projects in the works with funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. There are also clean energy startups being funded by the act as well as the “smart” grid in the article above.

There are some good things happening. Things just move a little slowly sometimes in Washington.

2 Comments to “And Now For Some Good News: Plans Underway For “Smart” Electric Grid”

  1. Did you know that Texas is one major link in the national power grid? Just Texas, all by itself?

  2. As a FLoridian I don’t get to be proud of my state too often, but today was a great day. Obama made the announcement 20 miles from me. This is important, very important and good for him for jumping in even with all the shit he’s got on his plate.

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