Al-Qaeda Responsible For Baghdad Bombings

by Ben Hoffman

The al-Qaida umbrella group in Iraq has claimed responsibility for Sunday’s double suicide bombing in Baghdad, in which at least 155 people were killed.

In a statement posted on a website often used by militants, the Islamic State of Iraq said “martyrs … targeted the dens of infidelity”. It said it wanted to punish the “pillars of the Safawi and rejectionist state in the land of caliphate,” referring to the Shia government in Baghdad and its close ally Iran.

More than 700 people were injured in the attacks, which destroyed the justice ministry – referred to in the internet statement as the “Ministry of Injustice and Oppression” – and severely damaged the Baghdad governorate and a public works building.


Our invasion of Iraq might very well be the biggest blunder in U.S. history. While it’s true that Hussein was a brutal dictator, there was no Al-Qaeda in Iraq with him in power. There now IS Al-Qaeda in Iraq and only time will tell what will be the end result.

Thanks George W. Bush and all the right-wing sheep.

One Comment to “Al-Qaeda Responsible For Baghdad Bombings”

  1. Sounds like old whack-a-mole: leave Iraq and the Taliban come back; cut back in Iraq and Al Quaeda comes back. And now we’re paying Afghani’s to switch sides just like the ‘awakening’ in Iraq.

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