Former President George W. Bush Wins Dumb-F*ck Aggression Prize

by Ben Hoffman

It was announced today that former President George W. Bush won the Dumb-F*ck Aggression Prize — one of the most lauded prizes today by dumb-f*cks around the world.

According to a dumb-f*ck, the Dumb-F*ck Aggression Prize is awarded to the person who has done the most to promote aggression between nations. “Because Barack Obama has done so much to destroy Bush’s accomplishments, it is especially important to acknowledge George W. Bush at this time.”

“Rarely has a person been able to start two wars and wage them with the ineptitude, corruption, and exploitation that George W. Bush has in the period of only eight years. Bush also destroyed the world’s economy which added to the mayhem. Such accomplishments cannot and will not go unrewarded,” said one high-level dumb-f*ck.

[Breaking news…]
Fighting broke out at the ceremony and someone stole the award.


5 Comments to “Former President George W. Bush Wins Dumb-F*ck Aggression Prize”

  1. Bravo. Remarkably entertaining.

  2. Shame on Obama for fighting and stealing the award from Ol’ George W.

  3. It’s obvious you’re a liberal. Your use of obscene language and ignorance is the first clue.

  4. ben hoffman = special ed

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