Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives

by Ben Hoffman

A liberal is willing to fight for liberty.
A conservative is willing to give up liberty for security.

If a liberal doesn’t believe that abortion is morally acceptable, she doesn’t have one.
If a conservative doesn’t believe that abortion is morally acceptable, he or she wants to prevent anyone from having one.

When a liberal asks where he gets his news, he’ll give legitimate sources such as the N.Y. Times or Washington Post.
When a conservative asks where he gets his news, he won’t usually answer because it’s not from legitimate news sources.

A liberal sees wrong and tries to right it.
A conservative sees wrong and if it involves another conservative, he claims it’s biased.

A liberal believes most foreign policy issues are best dealt with by taking diplomatic measures.
A conservative believes we should bomb first and ask questions later.

A liberal doesn’t mind his hard earned money going to legitimate government programs.
A conservative hates all things government, but doesn’t mind his hard earned money going towards multi-million dollar bonuses for CEOs.

When a liberal thinks about education, he thinks about college.
When a conservative thinks about education, he thinks about grade school and high school.

A liberal knows that a fact is information that is verifiable.
A conservative thinks a fact is something you can link to. It might be just somebody’s opinion, but if you can link to it, he believes it’s acceptable to use it as a “fact.”

A liberal debates with facts.
A conservative debates by insulting the other person.

A liberal evaluates information and forms an opinion.
A conservative gets his opinions from right-wing pundits.

A liberal debates by siting events that have occurred.
A conservative debates by predicting events he believes will occur.

A liberal debates using facts.
A conservative debates the facts.

8 Comments to “Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives”

  1. Ben – been enjoying your blog. Good stuff. If it’s alright with you, I’ve added you to my blogroll.

    • Sure, Moe! I’ll add you to mine. πŸ™‚

    • Moe;
      Ben’s “differences” posts are not his clever thoughts. I commented on one of his posts, using ‘differences’ I borrowed from lornakismet (with permission) a week or so ago. Ben deleted my comment saying this: “Steve, if you ever have a thought of your own, feel free to post it. Otherwise, keep that crap out of here. It’s stinking up the place”.
      And now he uses them replacing the content with his b.s. He accuses me of not having thoughts of my own because I borrowed something from someone (yes, I asked her first) and then he turns around and uses them. I’ll post the comments somewhere on your page so you’ll know I’m truthful; even though I’m conservative.
      Oh, and Ben, maybe you should get some of you own thoughts.

  2. Damn right! I appreciated the comment and link on my blog earlier, and I’ve added yours to my RSS, I am enjoying reading yours. Keep it up!

  3. Thank you!!! I really appreciate the first one.

  4. I see the way that is going, I am a libertarian, I don’t see anything specially great about either the liberal or the conservative viewpoint and I can see some of the statements are just plain wrong.

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