FBI Thwarts Terrorist Attack: Nary a Peep From Right-Wingers

by Ben Hoffman

Why? Because it contradicts their claims that having Obama as president has made us less safe. Or at least it doesn’t support those claims. During this time, we’ve seen multitudinous numbers of blogs about ACORN, and about Obama’s diplomatic efforts which right-wingers call “apologizing for American,” but where are the blogs about the thwarted terrorist attack?


The fact is, right-wingers would actually like to see the U.S. attacked again so they have a better chance of getting more of their own in office during next year’s congressional elections and in the 2012 presidential election. They’d like nothing more than to have some evidence to support their beliefs — or at least their claims, that Republicans are better at protecting America. I doubt a lot of them actually believe their own rhetoric. Then again, half the population has an I.Q. of under 100.

11 Comments to “FBI Thwarts Terrorist Attack: Nary a Peep From Right-Wingers”

  1. It’s extremely doubtful that Obama even knew about this being in the works and that’s a fact. Personally, I give the credit to the FBI.

    Apparently you haven’t been reading the so called ‘right-wing’ blogs as the story is all over them.

    right-wingers would like to see the “U.S attacked again”…
    The crap that comes out of a liberal’s mouth just astounds me. But the Bible says to “comfort the feeble-minded”, so I’m just gonna give you as much comfort as possibe Ben.

  2. We don’t need the country to get attacked to send a bunch of libs home. Your heros are doing it with out of control spending! Half the population has an IQ of under 100??….must be that wonderful public education libs continue to throw money at hoping for different results!

    • Don’t forget, the spending of your heros was far more out of control. Bush doubled the national debt! Reagan tripled it! The bailouts began under the Bush administration but right-wingers blame it on Obama. How convenient!

      At least we’ll have something to show from the stimulus bill, which wouldn’t have been necessary if the economy wasn’t in a free-fall from deregulation.

  3. I love it. All this hope and change garbage has now been reduced to ….”well, Bush did it”. You guys keep forgetting that you got voted in because you promised to NOT do the same things.

  4. And Obama has brought on more debt in just a few months then any other president in history. Just think what it will be in four years….if we even have a country left.

    • No, the 800 billion dollar bailout occurred under Bush. The wars weren’t previously included in the budget, so that’s a good percentage of it. The stimulus package wouldn’t have been necessary if the economy hadn’t collapsed. So what’s left?

      • You mean the bailout that Obama pushed for and voted for? It’s convenient to say it was “under” Bush, but the fact is, they both pushed it.

      • You’re blaming Obama for something that started even before he took office. Sure, he supported the TARP, but it was deemed necessary to prevent the total collapse of the world economy, as most economists agree.

        The fact is, the economy collapsed because of Republican policies.

      • The subprime mortgage crap that caused the collapse was pushed during the Clinton administration by your lib friends Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. When they were warned of the pending collapse of giving people loans that couldn’t afford it through Fanny and Freddie, these two geniuses responded by calling anyone that was against it racist. (sound familiar) Add in the pressure from groups like ACORN that would protest outside of banks to make sure that banks gave “poor blacks” loans, and you have what you have. Hardly a result of Bush policies. This is the result of giving someone with no money a loan for a 200,000 house or be labeled racists by extreme radical groups. Bush has been a convenient blame for all of it, but Republicans had nothing to do with Fanny and Freddie…and that’s the #1 reason we had the collapose. As for Bush, I was firmly against the Iraq war and all the money that was spent by his administration. I am not giving him a free pass, but I certainly won’t give him all the blame either.

  5. Not so fast! The patriot act has not been suspended yet and I heard they were going to let it run out. If that’s the case, then this bust could have been made possible by the patriot act. I think the Patriot Act comes up for a vote at the end of this year. To judge this as proof Obama’s policies are still going to keep us safe is a bit premature at this point. Can we say the same thing next year about this time? To be honest we can’t.


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