65% of Americans Favor Public Option For Health Insurance

by Ben Hoffman


A public option is the will of the people.

5 Comments to “65% of Americans Favor Public Option For Health Insurance”

  1. [This post was deleted due to its complete and utter lack of value.]

    • It is true huntc, the politics of diversion is at work here.How can we know what to support or oppose with 6 bills on the table. Any time we say this clause is in there, they just pull out the one that doesn’t contain that clause and say “Show me.”

      I’m waiting for the moment they have one bill and say this is it. Of course, by then they will have forced it down our throats with 51 senatorial votes. Didn’t Liberals oppose the nuclear option for judgeship and even garnish Republican support against it? I guess it is a little different when you are in control, but can’t even get the votes necessary from your own 60 senators.

  2. Hmmmm…wonder why people don’t know enough? Could it be that your libs that promised all that transparency VOTED to not show the bill online? Seriously man, the lib kool aide is dripping down your chin!

  3. Because the NYT survey says so?? Since when is the NYT a polling sample of America? I’d like to meet these people that think government option is the answer.

    Meanwhile we hava a new match made in death. Sarah palin with her Liberal Death Panels and Grayson with his lie that Republicans want people to die quick.They would make a great interpolitical couple, don’t you think?

    Cool blog, BTW!

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