Sarah Palin Badmouth’s The U.S. — Pals Around With Communists!

by Ben Hoffman

In Sarah Palin’s recent trip to China, she badmouthed pretty much every aspect of our country. She complained about liberals to communists! She badmouthed the Bush administration for its goal of an “ownership society.” She correctly criticized our government for loosening lending standards (which occurred through deregulation) but then blamed it on too much government. She blames the Fed for the collapse of our economy. She badmouthed our government for its deficit spending and then praised Reaganomics. Reagan was the king of deficit spending! Reagan claimed that deficits don’t matter!

Unbelievable. If Sarah Palin wants to pal around with communists and badmouth our country, maybe she should just stay in China. We don’t need you here Sarah Palin! Or as Kieth Olbermann calls her: “Carrie’s Mom.”

Read excerpts from the WSJ article:

2 Comments to “Sarah Palin Badmouth’s The U.S. — Pals Around With Communists!”

  1. Just as long as she doesn’t end up over here in the UK. I might have to consider leaving if that ever happens.

  2. Yet if Obama and Chavez were any closer, you would think they were a couple! Funny how Palin is so (insert lib insult here)…yet she brings out so much hate in the left.

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