Right-Wingers Love Welfare!

by Ben Hoffman

Right-wingers love the military but don’t want to have to pay for it with their taxes. They use the roads, fire departments, police, schools, drink the water, have their trash picked up, and many other government services, but they don’t want to have to pay for them. They also don’t want to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Right-wingers want all these government services for nothing. When you get something for nothing, that’s welfare.

26 Comments to “Right-Wingers Love Welfare!”

  1. Oh come on Ben! That’s certified b.s. and you know it.
    Where are any facts…or even a good arguemnet for what you wrote here? “right wingers” pay their taxes just like “left wingers” … if they don’t, show me something to back up such a ridiculous statement you made here.

    • No, low taxes are the core of conservative ideology. They don’t care about deficits or the debt, as long as they get their taxes cut.

      • Huh???
        Wow…man, you just loaded me down with so many documented facts and figures I can’t handle it.
        Well, okay…I guess you’re right.

      • You’re saying low taxes are not the core of conservative ideology?

      • If the core of the liberal ideology is high taxes…okay.
        However brother Ben, the core of the conservative ideology is less governmnet = more freedom to persue life, liberty, and happiness. Persuing something isn’t a guarantee.
        Big government = small liberty.

    • That’s way too simplistic. Lack of regulation results in corporatism, which results in less freedom, that is, unless you’re wealthy. I seriously doubt you’re in that category, Steve. I’m not either.

      Democracy works best with regulated capitalism. Insufficient regulation results in disaster every time. Examples are the failure of our financial sector last year, the housing bubble collapse, the S&L Bailout. Uh, oh… my battery is low. TBC

      • Good morning Ben;
        You’re missing something here Ben by a long shot…
        This isn’t a democracy.
        We live in a representative republic.
        vastly different.

        the very people that caused the “failure of our financial sector last” are the very ones wanting to “fix” it…and keep control.

        The bottom line of ALL this petty bickering and b.s. after the smoke clears is CONTROL, plain and simple.

      • No, we live in a republic with a representative democracy.

  2. Is it possible to have efficient regulation? Never.
    There is never going to be 100% efficient Government relation, therefore any government endeavor to regulate capitalism will “result in disaster ever time.”

    What proof do you have that there is too little regulation? Might there be too much?

    Would you agree that 1000 people acting in their own self interests would better regulate a market than 1000 bureaucrats who don’t have the same interests as those buyers and sellers in the market?

    To comment on the original post:
    I have no problem paying taxes for the military, which is a legitimate role of the federal government. The other services you mentioned are mostly paid for by local governments (city, county, etc) and I would have no problem paying taxes for LOCAL services such as these. What I do not like, is paying taxes for things the feds have no legitimate role in as spelled out in the Constitution.

    And one thing liberals always point when talking about “welfare” is the part of the Preamble of the US Constitution that says “promote the general welfare”. Notice it does not say “provide” the general welfare. To promote the general welfare means to foster a climate (limited government) where the best interests of the nation can come about on their own accord. NOT to take taxes and provide services that could be better provided by private interests.

    • What proof do I have? How about the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act back in the late 90s? The result was the transition of banks from boring money lenders to high-stakes gamblers, and the subsequent destruction of our economy!

      Reagan’s deregulation of Savings and Loans resulted in the S&L crisis and a bailout of $160 billion!

      Some people just can’t learn from history. If it doesn’t agree with their ideology, it must not be true.

      • There were multiple causes than just the repeal of Glass-Steagall, which by the way was repealed with bi-partisan support and President Clinton’s signature back in 1999. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were lead into ruin by Chris Dodd and Barney Frank.

        The S&L crisis was not all because of deregulation either. Many of the property investments people made were not for profitability, but for their tax sheltered status. The Tax Reform Act of 1986 repealed these tax shelters and these properties sank in value (bursting bubble).

        Both parties can be blamed for these things, not just republicans. Government has too much control over industries and any little tweak can set off a chain reaction of destructive consequences.

        But, you failed to answer my other question. Could you please answer it?

      • What question? That there’s too much regulation? Even Alan Greenspan came to the realization that industries are not “self-regulating.” Businesses are in business for profit. Plain and simple.

        While there were other factors for the collapse of our economy besides the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, that was the biggie. That its repeal had bi-partisan support is debatable. From what I remember, it was shoved in the back of a bill at the last minute. But that’s beside the point. Deregulation is what Republicans do.

  3. I don’t know a single right winger on welfare. I do know many libs on welfare that have been that way for many years. I pay for my garbage pick up. My state taxes pay the police. The fire department where I live is all volunteer. I would LOVE it if the taxes were for military and roads like the constitution outlines, because then my taxes would be low…but those nitwitted libs want everyone depending on the government for everything. My kids attend private school, yet I have to pay for the liberal failure that is public school. What else is it that I love so much that I don’t want to pay for?

    • Where do you live, hunt? That makes a big difference in people’s attitudes. I live in Denver, which doesn’t have much of a poverty problem. I don’t know anybody on welfare or even unemployment. But I grew up in N.Y. state where there was a big problem with minorities on welfare and I must say, I had a different view of government back then and was against any kind of welfare.

      • Denver has a proportionate amount of poverty to the size of the city. Darlin’, I live in Colorado and know of what I speak. I am a Native New Yorker and, yes, there are many more people on welfare there than in Denver. However, that is because there are many more people there than in Denver. Certain welfare programs do have their purpose, but the “Nanny State” mentality that has become prevalent in this country has gotten out of control.

      • No, we don’t have the poverty problem many cities have. There aren’t any neighborhoods here that I’d be afraid to walk around in.

        That said, poverty has gotten a lot worse. After eight years of Republican economic policies, many previously middle class are now living in poverty or even homeless. Republicans waged war on the middle class to benefit the wealthy. The same thing happened in the 1920s.

      • So, the increase in applications for assistance (food stamps, Medicaid, etc.) indicates that there is not “much of a poverty problem” in Denver. I fully understand that we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation, but we have not been immune to the effects of Barney Frank’s ignorance as relates to Fanny Mae or Freddie Mac. Keep in mind that a predominantly Democratic congress had to approve the bail-outs so it was not all W’s fault.

      • Yeah, that’s the ticket… it was all Barney Franks fault! 🙂

        SStorm, there’s a hell of a lot more to the collapse of our economy than what you’re getting from Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck. Most of it can be traced to deregulation or lack of regulation enforcement.

        Here’s a brief primer:

  4. I live on the southern border of Kentucky, about 30 miles from Nashville. I have had to travel to Denver many times for my company that has an office in Denver. The air and the air travel there messes me up for days every time I go. I do love the scenery though. 🙂

    I have seen people stay on welfare and never make any attempt to get off of it. They are all rabidly liberal because they want to stay on the government programs forever, and only liberals want people to rely on government to “save them” from the evil rich racists. Funny that you say republican leaders are our heros, when we want government out of the way and out of our pockets.

    I don’t consider myself a republican. They have strayed to the center of what I believe, and I DONT agree with everything they do by a long shot. In fact, I wrote in my vote for Ron Paul because I believe McCain is a butt kissing twit RINO. I also felt Bush was an idiot that spent too much money and wanted to finish his daddy’s war. I’m not far right wing, but a fiscal conservative that believes in less government and a strong military. We haven’t had a REAL republican since Reagan. I believe his landslide victories say enough about his legacy…no matter how much time you liberals spend trying to rewrite the history about him. I’m for the free market and I believe if people got off their butts, they can make something of themselves without the help of tax payers. There is absolutely no excuse for third generation welfare recipients.

    Problem is, liberal indoctrination in our public school systems is like a disease, turning out more socialist thinking morons that can’t tell you what the three branches of government are…much less make an informed decision on what they do. Don’t take my word for it, look up the test scores for our high school seniors. It’s embarrasing…and the libs keep throwing money at it like it will somehow produce a different result. It’s pretty bad that third world countries score higher without half the money. This is what progressive is? You can have your liberal socialist utopia…it’s failed everywhere it’s been tried. Government is not the answer, it’s usually the problem.

    • I don’t know how you right-wingers can keep raving about how great Reagan was. He tripled the national debt, his deregulation led to the S&L scandal and it’s subsequent bailout, he supplied arms to Iraq and Iran, he punished Israel for destroying Iraq’s nuclear facility, and he armed the mujahedeen in Afghanistan that became Al-Qaeda. He also built a military base in Saudi Arabia, which was one of the main reasons bin-Laden attacked the U.S.

      Reagan was a horrible president. Eisenhower was the last good Republican president and he is the one you should be proud of.

      As far as welfare, I agree with you. Welfare should not be a way of life. People should have to work for their welfare checks. I’d support making them earn their welfare by pedaling bicycle powered generators to supply electricity to the city. And morbidly obese people shouldn’t be allowed to collect disability payments. Being fat is not a disability. It’s just being lazy.

      My biggest problem with the Republican party is they don’t understand business ethics. Left to their own devices, business people will abuse the system. That’s why regulation is necessary.

      Republicans also want to privatize everything and everything they privatize turns out to be riddled with corruption and and abuse. Just look at Halliburton and Blackwater. The services they’ve provided to the military used to be provided by soldiers in the military.

  5. He tripled the national debt in an effort to bring down the soviet union with a massive defense buildup. See a soviet union? I didn’t think so. I know you will give some other guy credit, but it was Reagan’s policies that led to the end of the cold war by breaking the Soviet Union. They could not keep up with a free market society. Unlike Obama, Reagan would never apologize for America’s greatness. Reagan won the biggest landslide victories in history, so you are in a minority in thinking he was so terrible. My family went from poor to wealthy during the Reagan years because his deregulation led to it being easier for my family to start a business.

    Deregulation and getting the government out of the business sector is good. You will never convince me otherwise. Privatization of a free market is what the founding father’s intended. In fact, they even warned what government intervention would lead to. We see that with excess taxation of small businesses.

    Why oh why do you libs think that the government is somehow LESS corrupt than anyone else. This is why I say you libs have this governmental hero worship that is downright creepy. Government has not and will not ever solve any problem without creating 20 more problems from their meddling. Is there going to be corruption and abuse in business…yes. Do you fix that by putting the government in the middle…no. The reason you don’t is that government has PROVEN to be corrupt and completely incompetent at solving problems. None of the “new deal” crap has worked…it has only solved more problems. No matter how many times liberal policies fail, you guys continue to want to implement the same crap. The problem with liberal policies is you eventually run out of other people’s money.

  6. “one of the “new deal” crap has worked…it has only solved more problems”

    meant to say “cause” more problems…should have proofread.

    • Freudian slip! 😉

      And Reagan didn’t “bring down the Soviet Union.” It was on its way down before he took office and it didn’t collapse until after he was out of office in 1991. Your “hero warship” of Reagan is downright creepy.

      As far as the New Deal, unemployment steadily decreased after FDR took office and today, millions of elderly and disabled people rely on Social Security to live. Medicare, while not part of the New Deal, has been hugely successful and efficient. It operates at only about a 3% overhead.

  7. Medicare alone takes a huge chunk of my paycheck in taxes. Heck, the chunk is so huge, they even itemize it on my check stub. Like Social Security, it’s a broke government run institution that’s a massive drain on your pay to simply keep it running. Now the government wants to run the medical industry…wonderful.

    Tenn Care across my state border in Tn was a complete disaster of a government run plan. It broke the state inside of 5 years. Government run(TM) is a proven failure, and none of the morons in washington (including republicans) should be allowed to run a carnival ride.

    What the bozos on washington don’t seem to realize, is that this is no time to be spending when the nation is broke. It spits in the face of the people. We have to tighten the belt, and so should they.

    I don’t see any successes from the new deal…just generations of debt for programs that will be gone when I need it.

    I don’t have any hero worship for Reagan, I’m simply glad he got government out of my family’s way so we could grow a business.

  8. Reagan’s policies only helped the wealthy get wealthier. The middle class lost ground under Reagan and our taxes went up after the initial tax cuts, but taxes on the wealthy stayed where they were.

    No, you don’t have hero worship of Reagan. He’s more of a god to you.

  9. Uhm, Wikipedia? Seriously?

    I don’t believe that Barney Frank is solely responsible. Both parties created this mess. He is just one of the many who need to go buh-bye.

    2010 should be interesting. I predict a majority of Congress will consist of junior members.

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