The Inferiority Complex of a Right-Winger

by Ben Hoffman

As I wrote about before, much of the problem with right-wingers is an inferiority complex. They believe in the superiority of their party, but every time Republicans gain power, they make a mess of everything.

It goes beyond that, though. Most (though not all) right-wingers have achieved little in life. Few of them have a four year college degree and many have no higher education at all. When you talk about education to a right-winger, they think of grade school and high school. Talk about education to a liberal and they think about college.

Right-wingers also tend to be religious, which means accepting ideas on faith alone with no critical thinking. And that is how they live their lives. It is also how their political viewpoints are formed. Since the facts are antithetical to their opinions, they look to bias sources of information that tailor the facts to fit their opinions — opinions, which are also dictated by the likes of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and their right-wing ideologies.

Glenn Beck is especially disturbing in that he seems to have control over so many people these days. He provides the hate and fear mongering that so many right-wingers seem to crave. And who is this Glenn Beck, anyway? He’s pretty much just a cult personality. Although he managed to get accepted to Yale University, he didn’t even complete one class. He is an alcoholic and recovering drug addict. And a Mormon convert.

Now, no one can say that Beck hasn’t accomplished a lot. He’s a multi-millionaire, a cable news talk show host, best selling author, and performer, but does he really deserve the power over a large group of people he seems to have? It’s about the same as looking to Brittany Spears for financial advice.

The answer is psychological. Right-wingers have an inferiority complex. If they can elevate one of their own to prestigious levels, that, in effect, raises their own sense of worth. This was the case with George W. Bush, although he only had the facade of being a common man. But that was good enough for right-wingers. George W. Bush went from a failed businessman with no political experience, directly to governor of Texas for one term, and then president. Is it any wonder he destroyed our country.

But George W. Bush made right-wingers feel good. He was one of theirs. And he was president.

Now, I’m sure many black Americans might feel the same way about Barack Obama. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Obama started from meager roots — the product of a broken home, raised by a single mother… But he went on to serve his country admirably, first as a community organizer, then after earning a law degree from Harvard, was a civil rights attorney and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School. After serving three terms in the Illinois Senate, was elected to the U.S. Senate, and finally to POTUS.

Obama is providing inspiration to a great number of children to work hard and see what they can achieve, but right-wingers will have none of that. There were reports in the news today that several states will not allow the broadcast of Obama’s talk about the importance of education. People like Glenn Beck have scared their flocks into thinking Obama was trying to brainwash their children and indoctrinate them into some kind of socialist club. It was okay when George H.W. Bush and Reagan spoke directly to children because they were Republicans, but Obama is an elitist liberal and doesn’t espouse religion and nationalism like “real” Americans.

Right-wingers are scared and angry. If Obama has a successful presidency, that will fuel their feelings of inferiority. So they’re doing everything in their powers to bring down the Obama presidency.

2 Comments to “The Inferiority Complex of a Right-Winger”

  1. I’ve heard it said that Obama reminds right wingers that their world isn’t all whiteness. Being white and expecting white, some wingers are threatened by Obama and his articulate style. They don’t know why Obama scares them so, so they make stuff up… he’s a nazi, socialist, communist, fascist, Kenyan, whatever other fantasy they muster in those fevered minds. I don’t know who said it first, but if Obama walked on water, they’d say he just can’t swim.

    • [I don’t know who said it first, but if Obama walked on water, they’d say he just can’t swim.]

      That’s true. Look at all the crap he got for winning the Nobel Peace Prize!

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