The Conscience Of A Conservative (or lack thereof)

by Ben Hoffman

In early 20th century Germany, belief in the superiority of the Aryan race was counterfactual to reality. The Jews were highly educated, business owners, scientists, bankers, teachers, and generally very successful. The antisemities were the lower class, uneducated, and for the most part unsuccessful. This was the reality of the “Jewish problem.”

In the U.S. today, we also have a problem with counterfactual thinking. Right-wingers believe in the superiority of their party, yet the facts don’t mesh with that belief. Thus, we have the non-stop campaign to destroy liberals.

And celebrate when high profile liberals die, such as with Edward Kennedy. I’m not going to post any links, but it’s disgraceful the number of right-wing bloggers who today are celebrating the death of Kennedy, who was respected by most of his fellow Senators including his adversaries.

One Comment to “The Conscience Of A Conservative (or lack thereof)”

  1. That is a very good post and it highlights a common sentiment – the idea that if you eliminate the good guys then the remainder will be top dogs (and therefore become “the good guys” – yeah, right!).

    As to Senator Kennedy: whatever one’s political views, I think that if only we a had a few more real statesmen like him on both sides of the Atlantic the world might be a much better and safer place – sadly I don’t see much propect of that at the moment in any party – especially in the UK.

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