Right-Wing Hubris (or how insecurity leads to hatred and anger)

by Ben Hoffman

Hubris can be defined as overbearing pride, arrogance, and insolence. Right-wingers love to boast about their love for our country. Their “love” takes the form of extreme nationalism. In their eyes, anyone who says anything bad about our country is un-American. When Obama admitted to our foreign policy mistakes, right-wingers were outraged.

The truth is, Republican foreign policies have been disastrous for not only Iraq, but for our country. Not only has it cost the lives of 100s of thousands of Iraqis and thousands of our troops, but it has cost about the same as what the proposed health care reform will cost (about a trillion dollars). War profiteering has created multi-millionaires while the military has fought without armor that could have saved lives.

Right-wingers know deep down that Republican policies have failed our country but they are emotionally tied to their political party, which creates an inferiority complex. To compensate, they claim valid news sources are biased and the only “truth” comes from Fox News and other right-wing sources that provide facts that fit their ideology.

With spun history, Reagan was a great and beloved president who single-handedly brought down the Soviet Union and who’s economic policies saved our economy. The facts are contrary to those beliefs, though. The U.S.S.R. was on it’s way down during the 70s and didn’t actually fall until George H.W. Bush’s presidency. Reagan’s trickle down economics didn’t work. The unemployment rate during his first term was higher than under Carter’s presidency and was mediocre at best during his second term, which was probably due more to the mini tech boom than to any government policies. Reagan also tripled the U.S. debt — something that right-wingers seem to ignore when ranting about Obama’s policies.

Right-wingers also tend to be religious. Since there is no proof and little evidence outside of some books written almost 2,000 years ago of the existence of God, and the belief that Jesus was born of a virgin mother and that he rose from the grave would be considered insane were it not accepted by so many. We’ve all known people who think they’re somehow special because of their religion. We have the righteous right going around trying to convert everyone to their irrational thinking.

There is doubt among those who accept anything purely on faith that they might be wrong. With doubt comes anger and insecurity. And an inferiority complex. To compensate, they try to eliminate anything that contradicts their beliefs. We see this in the town hall meetings regarding health care reform. Right-wingers don’t have the facts on their side so they resort to anger and screaming. It also justifies (in their eyes) things like the Bush v. Gore decision, which probably posed a greater risk to our democracy than anything in the history of the United States.

Obama has been ridiculously compared to Hitler since talks of health care reform started. But there are remarkable similarities to right-wingers here and those who made it possible for Hitler to rise to power. (Before right-wingers spew out their talking points… No, National Socialism is not the same as Marxism.) In Germany before WWII, the Jews were the over-achievers. They ran businesses, created art, were some of the top scientists, bankers, etc… which was contrary to the German’s belief of Aryan supremacy. That was their justification for eliminating the Jewish population. When Nazi Germany began to fall, they stepped up the murders of the Jews rather than putting all their efforts into fighting the war.

When Hitler became Chancellor, the first thing he did was take over the media. Facts and reporting were replaced with right-wing propaganda. There was already widespread antisemitism — not only in Germany, but in Austria, Poland, France, Czechoslovakia, etc… — countries that were so easily defeated by the Nazis.

Right-wingers in the U.S. seek to destroy liberals because liberals invalidate right-wingers beliefs of superiority. Merely gaining power isn’t enough. As we saw when Republicans controlled all three branches of government, there was still the constant steam of venom directed at Democrats.

And there is also the factor of our failed economy, which will be addressed in another post.

6 Comments to “Right-Wing Hubris (or how insecurity leads to hatred and anger)”

  1. Whilst I agree that all of that is, sadly, very true and largely something not to be too proud of (to be polite about it), could I just point out that other countries were also invloved? Equally, perhaps they should not be entirely proud of that fact, but (for instance) British soldiers fought alongside, were similarly ill equipped and equally died in Iraq … and then there’s Afghanistan…

  2. You seem like a very smart person who is very wrong on most issues. You have turned wisdom upside down.

    As for your assertion: “Since there is no proof and little evidence outside of some books written almost 2,000 years ago of the existence of God,” I would like to offer a clear path towards iron clad FACTS that PROVE the existence of God.

    1. Something CANNOT come from nothing. This is scientific fact.
    2. Because of the intricate and complex systems of life, and the DNA that make up that life, there is almost mathematically 100% certainty that there not only WAS a Creator, but that He STILL exists.

    It also wouldn’t hurt to look at mathematics itself, since certain numbers also prove the existence of a “Higher Intelligence.” The following site (although I disagree with it’s religion) is certainly worth looking at: http://www.scribd.com/doc/6649199/Mathematical-Proof-of-God

    Also of note is this site, which goes into detail the oddities of numbers: http://www.artmusicdance.com/vaspi/hightlights.htm

    One more interesting note is that the following site contains more evidence God exists, since it points out that the circumference of the moon and the sun corrolate with the circumference of the Noah’s ark and the ark of the covenant. It also points out temple pillars and it’s bases as having the same corrolating circumference as the sun and moon respectively (of course in smaller dimentions). thefirmament.org/

    Anyway, I don’t think you may be interested in Truth. So, you may continue in your current religion as you wish. I have debated liberals for about 25 years now, and almost all of them were NOT at all interested in ALL the truth, but instead they were only interested with facts that justified their interests, while IGNORING A MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE to the contrary of their OPINION. So, when liberals leave out pertinent facts on any given topic, they are actually opposing the truth and distorting the facts until they become lies. Telling only part of the truth can end up warping reality so that the a lie is now in place of the truth.

    P.S. Hatred of the truth needs daily feeding. If you starve the hatred, you will be feeding the truth.

    Thanks for listening,

  3. Sorry, I forgot to put the last address down, and I also noticed that the artmusicdance link doesn’t work.




  4. Be careful not to buy into the Barney Frank mantra that if we didn’t have a war in Iraq we would be able to fund the healthcare program. It is a false argument.

    1. The day after we leave Iraq, the bills stop coming. Healthcare will be part of our budget, growing and growing until we can’t afford it any longer. Anyone looking at the beginnings of Medicare and Social Security will see that.

    2. You are assuming we will never, as a nation, take up arms against a foe. You are assuming there will be no need. Yet, our world is already showing signs of coming conflicts. Do we, like many socialized nations today, just stand to one side and hope someone else will stand up? What about Dafur, Eastern Europe, China. Do we walk away from treaties and allies? Do we field an army with poor supplies and limited technology, like Britain and France, and risk the lives of our young soldiers unnecessarily?

    You can only cut a pie into so many pieces before you run out.

    As far as Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, the religious and the unbelievers, let me say only this. Most people who are conservative, religious and “on the right”, are people who understand there are greater things than themselves. Whether it be a God, or a country, or the need to serve his fellow man (and that does not mean taking other people’s money through taxes and giving it to special interests groups so you can feel better about yourself), they realize their purpose in life is more than taking care of only their own needs.

    Does that make conservatives superior? I guess that would depend on what scale you are using. I’ll guarantee this though, a person who understands the sacrifices necessary to maintain the health of their nation will allow that nation to outlast any that is inhabited by people who care only about “what is in it for them.”

    History has proven this over and over.

    • You’re contradicting yourself. You support the war in Iraq but you don’t want to help pay for it. You feel the need to serve your fellow man but not provide affordable health insurance.

      Sure, there will be the need to go to war again one day but how will we pay for it? Our country is almost $12 trillion dollars in debt! Who’s going to finance a war for us?

      Plus you make a bunch of other false accusations that are right in line with the “death panels” and “cuts to Medicare.” They’re not based on truth. They’re just right-wing propaganda.

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