by Ben Hoffman


Damn. She kind of cute, too.

6 Comments to “NO PUBIC OPTION!!! :(”


    But you do have to know, that the Democratics in Washington DC think this is all being staged. But, we all have known this for years now that they are so out of touch with the taxpayers of this country they don’t know SHIT !!!

  2. I am amazed at all this, but especially by women where, if it were not for “liberals” they would still be diagnosed with “hysteria” and dismissed by male doctors.

    It dawned on me about 4 years ago that logic, facts and reason don’t matter to dittohead morons. If that is the case, then the only thing to do is go forward without them.

    They will never know either, that we are the ones who gave them what minimal security they have.

  3. Dear Mean, I have made my own security, no one gives anyone that. It was the US Constitution that gave everyone that, including you.
    Our Government has been treading on the US Constitution long enough. And that is probably why Obama didn’t wear the flag lapel pin for he don’t believe in the piece of paper that he to an oath to uphold.
    These elected officials are all treading on it and they all took the oath to uphold it as well. And we as taxpayers ans citizens of this country will uphold it. All of Congress is up for re-election and they all can be replaced. This movement they have seen it not by GOP organizers like they think, it is the taxpayers for once uniting and saying no more to government. So dear, think what you want about woman..that is your right.. and I won’t dispute that. But, I will dispute the bull shit going on within our Government and fight back.

    • It was a joke, Einstein. She spelled “public” wrong. And it could be that the sane right wingers will finally realize that their party has gone off the deep end and will vote Democrat in the next election.

      • your retorts are all the same, “right wingers…blah..blah” He wasn’t replying to the picture in your post, but to the comment by meanmrmustard1. Get a clue.

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