And Now For Some Good News

by Ben Hoffman

July 27 (Bloomberg) — R. Allen Stanford, the Texas financier accused of directing a $7 billion Ponzi scheme, complained that his jail cell often lacks light and air conditioning.

For the past week, Stanford, who’s in a cell in Conroe, Texas, with from eight to 10 other men, has endured heat and intermittent lack of power when outside temperatures reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius) or more, his lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, said yesterday in a motion asking that his client be transferred to a downtown Houston jail.

“For part of the time last week, they were in total darkness,” DeGuerin wrote. “The cell has been without air conditioning for at least a week. There are no windows for light or ventilation, and the conditions are intolerable.”

I’m sure the people he screwed over would be really upset to know that he may be suffering a little in his incarceration.

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